Mares, Santa Cruz, Hurd, Charlo, Lara – Winners on October 14, 2017 – RECAP

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)
Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America
Abner Mares started his bout against Andres Gutierrez with solid boxing, as he used angles to get the better of Gutierrez over the first five rounds 다운로드. As Gutierrez came out of the sixth round, the ring doctor checked the cut over Gutierrez’s left eye and Gutierrez pushed the action but it did little to stem the tide as Mares continued his assault.  The one thing that Gutierrez had going for himself is that he took Mares best and he kept moving forward in an effort to change the bout.   The seventh thru the ninth, Mares simply pounded Gutierrez and blood continued to spurt out of Gutierrez’s left eye.  During the tenth round, Gutierrez moved forward only to absorb punches from Mares 한컴 오피스 교육 기관용 다운로드. The eye continued to bleed and the referee stopped the fight in the middle of the tenth round.   Mares looked impressive as he took every round with his boxing skills and never got tempted into going toe to toe with Gutierrez.  His discipline allowed him too easily prevail 다운로드.
Leo Santa Cruz faced Chris Avalos for Cruz’s featherweight title 듀오링고 다운로드. The first round was action pack as Santa Cruz fights tend to be and both fighters let loose.  Santa Cruz was the most accurate.  Through the first four rounds, the fight on compubox was close but Santa Cruz punches had the more pop.  Near the end of the fourth, Santa Cruz buckled Avalos knee and continued to do so in the fifth round as his punches buckle Avalos knee but Avalos continued to fight back 아이폰 hwp 다운로드.

Starting in the sixth round, Cruz started to hit the body as it appeared that Avalos was taking Cruz’s accurate head shots. He invested in those body shots throughout the seventh and finally, in the eighth, Cruz landed a combinations that forced Avalos to reel. While Avalos remained standing and appeared ready to continued, the referee stopped the fight since it was a one sided affair and Avalos was merely catching punches at this point.
Fans in the Stub Hub saw two action bouts and down the road, Mares may face Cruz. 
Austin Trout faced Jarrett Hurd in the first of three bouts in the Junior Middleweights from Brooklyn New York.  Trout used his jabs to set up combinations including a right hand hook against Hurd, who looked befuddled.
Hurd began the third round with a flurry and connected with some nice right against the southpaw Trout but Trout managed to stabilize the round with solid boxing tactics and combinations.  Hurd did manage to land good rights and may have taken the round.  The fourth round saw Trout landing several combinations and Hurd failed to cut off the ring as Trout would escape after landing his combinations.
Showtime Paul Malignaggi noted that Hurd awkward style hurt him and Trout was able to take advantage by using angles to gain the advantage whereas Hurd would strike with occasionally right.  I had it 5 to 1 in favor Hurd whereas Showtime Steve Farhood had it 4 to 2.
The seventh round saw Hurd land several solid rights at the opening and even stunned Trout but Trout tried to counter over the last half of the round. By the eighth round, Hurd power looked like it taking hold and Trout looked tired. I had it 5 to 3 for Trout at the end of the eighth round and Showtime had it even.
While Trout began the ninth round with solid combinations, Hurd strength took hold as his right hand pounded Trout. Hurd began the tenth round by pounding Trout the entire round and the exhausted Trout found it difficult to handle the stronger Hurd.  Over the last twenty seconds, Hurd nailed Trout with right hands and Trout barely could stand as he went back to his corner.  His corner over Trout’s protest stopped the fight.  Hurd became the first fighter to stop Trout.
Jermell Charlo took less than a minute to stop Erickson Lubin who ducked into a Charlo’s right hand and that was the end.
In the final bout,  Erislandy Lara faced Terrell Gausha. Lara spent the first four rounds boxing and using his scientific methods to land combinations.  With minute left in the fourth round, Lara followed with a jab with a straight left that sent Gausha down.
This bout had a consistent them throughout the bout, Lara using combinations to land accurate punches whereas Gausha did very little to push Lara or make him uncomfortable.  Throughout the bout, Lara was never pressured or in danger as Gausha never seem to know what to do.  Lara won an easy decision and most of the fans had hard time even staying interested as Gausha did little to press the action while allowing Lara to do what he wanted.
Hurd, Charlo and Lara are part of a deep Junior Middleweight division and now is the time for these fighters to start competing against each other. 


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