Martinez and Canelo win

                                                 By Tom Donelson
Member Boxing Writers Assc. / International Boxing Research Org 다운로드.
This past weekend featured Mexican Independence day and boxing celebrated it the only way it knows how; getting some of Mexico great fighters together in Las Vegas and fight.  Two great cards, plenty of great fights, great knockouts and drama that would satisfy the most cynical of boxing fans while showing the sporting world; boxing can be resurrected with the right set of bouts 다운로드.
The drama was in full force when Sergio Martinez was on his was to an easy whipping of Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.  Martinez had his way for the first eleven rounds as he gave Chavez a boxing lesson.  Chavez was too slow to trap Martinez and when he did manage to get Martinez on the rope, Martinez raked him with solid one-two punches that peppered Chavez face 황제공명전 다운로드. In the twelfth round, Chavez brought back the glory of his father days as he caught up to Martinez with a minute and half left in the fight with a right hand followed by a left hook.  Martinez was hurt after a flurry of punches and from that point, it was survival time as Martinez put every ounce of strength to move out of the way of a charging Chavez, who attempted to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.   Chavez unleashed three hooks that went just over Martinez head and as the bell ranged, Martinez still was standing and ready to accept his Middleweight title that he officially lost due to sanctioning body politics. 
This fight showed Chavez had the heart of his father but he still lacked some rudimentary skills as he consistently followed Martinez around the ring and never truly cutting the ring off.  Martinez easily escaped trouble but Chavez bigger frame allowed him to weather Martinez’s punches and with the memory of the twelfth round in everyone’s mind; a rematch could be in the offering.  Chavez lost almost every round on the judges scorecard but with one punch, he nearly won the fight 다운로드. Only in boxing is a ten round homer possible.   If the fight had ended with the pattern of the first eleven rounds, we would be stating Chavez, Jr. is just another pampered over rated fighter who got clocked by a superior fighter.  Instead, we will be wondering now what if Chavez learned to cut off the ring and use his size earlier if he could upset Martinez in a rematch.  When Martinez hit the canvas in the last round, the fight changed the perspective of both men 유튜브 특정구간 다운로드.
Meanwhile across town, Canelo Alvarez showed all of the tools against the game and overwhelmed Josesito Lopez.  Alvarez pounded Lopez from one end of the ring to the other and three times, he sent Lopez down often by vicious shots to the body.  Lopez showed courage and there were times that he fought back but his punches did little to deter Alvarez.   The fifth round was a good example of this when Alvarez trapped Lopez on the rope and laced him with shots.  Lopez escaped and unleashed a seven punch combinations that briefly stopped Alvarez in his track.  Lopez kept peppering Alvarez before Alvarez turned Lopez around with another set of body shots and trapped him along the rope for the final time.  A left hook followed by a right hand turned Lopez face around 180 degrees and Alvarez went in for the kill but the referee stopped the fight before any more damage could be done.  Having survived three knockdowns and time running out in the fifth round, Lopez was not going to quit so the referee saved Lopez from himself 다운로드.
Alvarez beat an natural junior welterweight so he beat a smaller fighter, who was a good fighter but not  a great fighter 터널베어 다운로드. Lopez was game and as Showtime Al Bernstein noted, he deserve a real shot a title that he can obtained like either the Welterweight or junior welterweight title.  As for Alvarez, he has plenty of fights to consider and while he wants Floyd Mayweather, and who doesn’t, a great fight would be Miguel Cotto.   Imagine the scene with Puerto Rico’s best with an upcoming Mexican superstar fighting one another 다운로드. Both fighters are great technicians and they do occasionally get hit; so it will be one classic fight. 
Showtime had one great card with plenty of action that included Marcos Maidana comeback against the game Jesus Soto-Karass.  Karass started to take control of the fight in the third round and had Maidana in trouble all through the seventh round when Maidana landed a haymaker right hand that sent Karass to the canvas with time running out in the seventh round.  Maidana came out in the eighth round and stopped Soto-Karass in spectacular fashion.  Daniel Ponce De Leon defeated Jhonny Gonzalez by technical decision when a cut caused by an accidental head butt sent the fight to the scorecard 다운로드. De Leon was taking control of the fight as he put Gonzalez down in the sixth and dominated Gonzalez in the seventh before the fight was stopped in the eighth round.  In the first fight of the evening on the Showtime card, IBF bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz pounded former champion 36 year old Eric Morel who tried his best pcsx2. Morel had to fight both Santa Cruz fists and father time.
Boxing did it right this weekend as they had intriguing matchups along with two full arenas plus they left boxing fans wanting to see more of these fighters.  The final round of  Chavez-Martinez took what was a boring fight into a dramatic moment in which Martinez barely survived; leaving one to wonder could Chavez catch Martinez in a rematch? As for Alvarez, he showed that he has talent but now what will happen if he fought a higher caliber fighter? 

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