MONEY – could be the downfall for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

By Ray Cerda

When mega fights look to be on the horizon then falls off faster than Vanilla Ice, it’s usually because of money 영화 아마겟돈 다운로드. This very well could be the case for Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Any time you have mega fighters involved, you have mega egos involved also 안드로이드 캘린더 다운로드. Usually you won’t find a high caliber fighter who is willing to take the smaller portion of the purse. However, this is the only fight that makes logical sense not just financially, but for the sport itself sysinternals. There is no denying that the sport of boxing has been slipping in the last decade. With high profile fighters fighting less and less and the promoters protecting their fighters, the fans miss the biggest fights available 예쁜배경화면 다운로드.

This fight should make more money than Mayweather vs. De La Hoya as it is a very risky fight for both. For Manny, a victory would put him on the very top of our sport with nowhere else to go 다운로드. For Floyd, a victory would justify everything he’s told the media for the last 8 years; which is that he truly is the best. Here’s where the problem lies, we don’t want to hear it; we want to see it. When Floyd was welterweight champ, there were plenty of worthy oppositions. Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito, were all worthy opponents. Yet he chose to fight Carlos Baldamir, a blown up Zab Judah, a smaller Ricky Hatton and a 15 lb lighter Juan M. Marquez. Let’s not forget, Floyd escaped with a split decision victory over part time fighter/ promoter Oscar De La Hoya. A fight that was Floyd’s biggest payday to date. So when rumors started circulating about a rematch, it was a no brainer. Or so we thought. Instead of fighting a return match which would have paid Floyd a great deal of money and given him a chance to shut up all the naysayers who thought Oscar deserved the nod… He didn’t! Instead attempted to say that he had accomplished everything he wanted in the sport and retired. Leaving most fight fans and boxing writers scratching their heads wondering, only to return back to the sport 2 years later.

There is a misconception in boxing that if you have a huge fan base and your Pay per View numbers are good, then you must be a great fighter. Wrong! Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya both have made more money that any other fighter is history. Yet neither one is on my top 15 all time greats list. There may be another road block in making this fight happen, and that is weight. Manny has never fought over 144lbs. He beat both De la Hoya and Cotto at catch weights. Something I don’t believe Floyd will agree too as he demonstrated in the Marquez bout. Not willing to go below 146lbs and opted to pay the $600,000 dollars to Marquez.

This fight was talked about before the Cotto fight even started. Now it seems it could become a reality. Let’s just hope none of these issues will prevent this fight from happening. It seems Floyd is willing to make this fight happen, as he has instructed his promoters to get started with negotiations, which I commend Floyd for doing. Just how serious he is about it remains to be seen. 2010 will start off with a unification bout between Shane Mosley and Andre Berto lets hope Pacquiao and Mayweather follow suit.

NOTE: Ray Cerda is a free lance boxing writer. He is one of my best friends in a sport that we both love with a passion and he offers the highest quality of expertise. I am blessed to have him as my friend and honored to have him contribute to this website.

David Martinez / Boxing Historian