Muhammad Ali / Part Five

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

In part five of my six part series on Muhammad Ali, I would like to give you my personal view of ten incredible highlight facts during his boxing career:

1) Ali is the only one to have won the linear heavyweight championship three times windows 7 home premium k 다운로드. The linear title is recognized by tracing an unbroken lineage of titleholders going back over 100 years, with every champion defeating the previous title holder in the ring 다운로드.

2) Ali has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine 37 times, second only to Michael Jordan.

3) According to many boxing historians, they rate Ali as the greatest heavyweight of all time 다운로드. In my personal rankings (which can be seen on this website in Categories – click on – Rankings or August 2007 Archives to see Rating The Heavies) I rate Ali #2, just ahead of Joe Louis, and just behind Jack Johnson.

4) The May 25, 1965 photo of Ali knocking out Sonny Liston is one of the greatest sports photos of the 20th century.

5) Ring Magazine and rank Ali as the second greatest fighter, behind Sugar Ray Robinson, in the history of boxing in the last 100 years. My personal ten greatest (alphabetically) are: Ali, Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran, Harry Greb, Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Joe Louis, Carlos Monzon, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson.

6) Certainly the most gifted heavyweight champion with quickness, a superior left jab and footwork beyond any from John L Sullivan(1875) to our present day champions.

7) The most recognized sports figure over a three decade period of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and maybe ever.

8) Fought Joe Frazier in three epic trilogy bouts, with the March 8, 1971 fight between two undefeated champions – the “fight of the century”; his third fight, The Thrilla in Manila, 1975, is considered, arguably, the greatest heavyweight title fight of all time.

9) Ali’s 1974 historical heavyweight championship bout with, then, undefeated George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire, Africa, handing Foreman his only knockout loss in his 81 bout professional career.

10) His combined his amateur and professional ring record is an amazing

156 wins, with 10 losses. The only man to have stopped him in 166

total fights was Larry Holmes; this was in Ali’s second to last fight

before he retired, and it came three months shy of his 39th birthday.

In each of my six part series, it is my pleasure to share with you ten new Muhammad Ali photos from my private collection.

watching brother Rahman in prelim bout
prior to his bout vs. Jerry Quarry
(October 26, 1970 / Atlanta, GA)

The National Baseball Newspaper
(May 16, 1991 edition)

Ali holding mother
Odessa Grady Clay

Ali vs. Norton
Yankee Stadium, NY
September 28, 1976

1999 Hallmark
Collectable Ornament

Cassius Clay
February 1962
(20 years old)

Ali products:
shaving cream,
syrup and BBQ sauce

Everlast headgear and t-shirt

Ali poster
photo by
Neil Leifer

Sports Illustrated
35th Anniversary special issue
November 15, 1989