Pages From The Scrapbook #22

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By David Martinez /

This edition of “Pages From The Scrapbook” features my pre-fight article piece on four title fights which was published in the Santa Barbara News Press on May 19, 1983 다운로드.

The quadruple Las Vegas fight card is – Larry Holmes vs. Tim Weatherspoon / WBC Heavyweight Championship … Michael Dokes vs. Mike Weaver / WBA Heavyweight Championship … Greg Page vs 외국곡 mp3 다운로드. Renaldo Snipes / USBA Heavyweight Championship … Ossie Ocasio vs. Randy Stephens / WBA Junior-Cruiserweight Championship.

Many of my viewers today don’t know that back in the seventies, eighties, and nineties, I was a boxing beat free lance writer for my local newspaper, the Santa Barbara News Press, doing boxing fight predictions and other boxing related news 다운로드.

It was such a wonderful blessing during that time of my life, as I experienced the whole journalism field, and it propelled me to be the best that I can be in producing my website 피씨클린 다운로드.

One thought on “Pages From The Scrapbook #22

  1. I had Spoon v Holmes dead even. This Spoon, in shape, before King screwed him was a challenge for any HW champion in history imho.

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