Pages From The Scrapbook #24

피파18 커리어모드 다운로드

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In this edition of “Pages From The Scrapbook” features an event that took place on July 6, 1974 in my home town of Santa Barbara, California 다운로드. My friend, Boxing Historian Gary Ballin from San Fernando, California, and I presented some of the greatest fights from the past on film, all from Gary’s collection, at the Eagles Lodge #442 in Santa Barbara 다운로드.

To our surprise we drew about 75 enthusiastic fight fans and we spoke answering their questions in and between fight films 제노버스2 다운로드.

Many of my current readers today don’t know that back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I was a boxing beat freelance writer for my local newspaper the Santa Barbara News Press, and also articles were published by the Sports Editor, Dave Kohl, sharing his views and interest on my behalf 오토메 펑션 다운로드.

The amazing blessing regarding my three decades at News Press, I experienced the whole world of journalism which has surely propelled me to the best I can be in producing and giving you my website

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  1. This was long before YouTube. This was a major event for any fan of history and VCR tapes or boxing collections weren’t big yet.

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