Peter Survives A Bullet

By Tom Donelson

This was desperation time for Jameel McCline. At the age of 37, McCline was facing the elimination fight of his career and recovering from a serious knee injury suffered in his last fight against Nickolay Valuev. And if that was not enough, New York Daily reported that McCline had used performance enhancing drugs. With a dark cloud hanging for him, McCline wandered into the ring all business and minus the usual marching music that accompanies fighters on their slow walk to the ring 아마존 뮤직 다운로드.

For Samuel Peter, this was to be his coronation of the new king of the Heavyweights. With Oleg Maskaev out with a back injury, Peter decided to fight McCline, who was a late entry after his fight with Vitali Klitschko was canceled due to a back injury. Two weeks ago, McCline was scheduled to fight DaVarryl Williamson when the Klitschko fight got canceled, but the injury to Maskaev provided McCline one more opportunity to win a championship 다운로드. As for Peter, he wanted a spectacular knockout to send a message to the rest of the Heavyweights that he was the guy.

Peter, a raw talent with knock out power, showed improvement in his second fight with Toney, demonstrating more deft defense and more variety of punches. He shorten his punches and used his jab more effective and one jab sent Toney down and won a easy decision in their second fight.

For the first 5 minutes and 59 second, Peter showed off the new Peter 다운로드. He jabbed his way in and neutralized the taller Jameel McCline. Powerful shots landed on McCline face and body, forcing McCline to retreat. In the last ten seconds of the second round, Peter unleashed a wild left followed by a wild right. The wild right left Peter unbalanced and vulnerable and McCline uncorked a picture perfect uppercut, sending Peter to the canvas for the first time in his career 제노버스2 다운로드.

The third round would be decisive for both men and their careers. Still shaken from his knock down of the previous right, Peter found himself under a barrage of McCline’s punches. An overhand right sent Peter down and Peter wobbled back up. One minute latter, McCline combination pummeled Peter and Peter hit the canvas for a third time 오토메 펑션 다운로드. McCline had the opportunity of a lifetime as he had the championship within his grasp. One more punch and a dream realized. With over half of the round left, Peter was in survival mode. McCline pursued and Peter held on for dear life. In the last thirty seconds, McCline punches lost steam and Peter stay alive. Just as Jermaine Taylor failed to finish up Kelly Pavlik the week before when he had the opportunity, McCline failure to finish Peter would cost him his final shot at a Heavyweight title.

From the fifth round, Peter took control of the fight. He returned to the strategy that won him the first 5 minute and 59 seconds. He jabbed his way back in and nailed McCline with ferocious body shots. With each round, McCline output diminished. Body shots and vicious clubbing right hands forced McCline to retreat and McCline 37 year old body started to betray him. In the beginning of the fight, McCline had superior hand speed but by the time the championship round occurred, the hand speed slowed down. Peter put combinations together and fought smart as he started to take rounds after rounds. What McCline showed was heart and grit as he took Peter best shots and refused to go down.

This fight showed the difference between a good fighter and a championship elite fighter. Good fighters beat fighters of similar skills but they will come up short against elite fighters. Elite fighters find a way to win fights, even when they are not at their best. McCline fought as well as he has fought in years but he came up short. Peter was nearly knocked out and way behind on points after three rounds but he came back to win.

Peter showed weakness but he also showed one strength, the toughness to survive and the punching power to stay in a fight. While he never knocked down McCline, his body shots slowed McCline down and his youth wore down the older McCline.

McCline fought from desperation knowing that he needed to win or his days as a championship contender were over. This was his last shots and he came in shape to rumble for twelve rounds. In the end, McCline was not just good enough to beat Peter. He had his shot and when he failed to take advantage of it, Peter skills took over and dominated the rest of the fight.

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