Ray “Windmill” White / California Boxing Hall of Fame

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Last year in a conversation with Don Fraser, President of the California Boxing Hall of Fame, I mentioned to him, “Why isn’t Ray White in your select group of inductees?” Don’s reply was simple, “I have thought of that, but I have no idea how to reach him.” My reply to that was simple, “Don, because of my involvement with USA Amateur Boxing, I see and talk with Ray at various southern California shows and I will gladly take care of this for you.”

So late last year at a boxing show, I made that connection for Mr 고잉 마이 홈. Fraser, and now the rest of the story will take place later this month when Ray White will officially be inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame 다운로드.

My memories of Ray White are fun ones, as I watched him box several times at Southland venues. He was a colorful light heavyweight in the 60’s and early 70’s 다운로드.

A carpenter by trade, White took up boxing in 1958. His flamboyant clowning style included his unique “rooster” with others being the behind the back punch and the back hand bolo punch 다운로드. Those antics gave him the nickname of “Windmill.” He was also referred to as the “Clown Prince of Boxing.”

White was the California State light heavyweight champion in the earlier seventies and fought all the boxers of his day.  During that time there was even talk about a possible bout with light heavyweight champion Bob Foster, but that never materialized. When I asked who his toughest foe was, he was quick to comment, “That would be Jimmy Dupree,” in a fight in which White was knocked down in the 4th round and lost a close, unanimous 12-round decision on July 3, 1971. He retired from professional boxing exactly 37 years ago – June 1974 – with a ring record of 41 wins, 14 losses, and 5 draws.

Today, White lives the quiet life in Oak View, in Ventura County, California and offers his expertise in boxing by training youth amateur boxers. In my several recent meetings with him, one cannot help to notice how fit, physically and mentally, he is at the age of 72 years old.

My only regret is that when Ray gets inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame on Saturday, June 25, 2011, I won’t be able to attend because on that same day is the celebration of my retirement after 40 years with the State of California / Caltrans and ironically also my birthday party, so I will miss this wonderful man receiving his well-deserved honor in boxing.

For ticket information regarding the California Boxing Hall of Fame event, please contact Don Fraser (818) 761-4887.



10 thoughts on “Ray “Windmill” White / California Boxing Hall of Fame

  1. Looking forward to Ray’s much deserved CBHOF induction.
    I haven’t seen Windmill in years, since 1972, when we last fought on the same pro card at the Valley Music Theatre. Ironically, the promter was Don Fraser, the bouts televised on KTLA Ch-5 in Southern California.

  2. Ray White was a great help to the Primo Boxing Club of Santa Barbara, he officiated several of our shows. Ray has a great sense of humor, we always had a great time when Ray was around. He will be a good addition to the Hall.

  3. Ray has been working with amateurs in Ventura Conty for years. I recall in the late 60’s he had two brothers that both had a lot of talent, Florentino & Refugio Ramirez. Bantamweights.

  4. I first met Ray around 1963 at a small boxing club that was connected at the back of a old bar called OKIE’s. In Foster park California.
    Ray and another Trainer named Indian Joe where in charge of the boxing club.
    I wanted to follow my dads footsteps to become a Boxer.
    Ray as a trainer was my only available sparing partner. That is how I got to know this man his personality and his great talent as a boxer.
    He never once took advantage of my inexperience, he was more interested in helping me develop my skills, and when he would catch me with a good solid punch he would back off to let me the learn why I got caught with it and how to defend for it next time.
    It was almost impossible to hit Ray with a solid punch and I contribute that to he was always boxing with any and all amateurs who would come in to the club to learn or those who wanted to challenge him.
    There where those who would see Ray box on TV and say I bet I could beat that guy, and come into the club with a bunch of bar buddies that week thinking they where going to knock Ray out.
    They would always go home with their tail between there legs after being embarrassed by Ray great skills.
    But even then Ray would not get offended or mad he would just laugh and go back to training someone else. Never heard him cuss or lose his temper
    He was a true Gentleman and a great example of Christian.
    He and Indian Joe moved that club to Ventura, Calif at a old Hotel, I trained there with Ray until around 1970.
    It was and is a great Honor to have Ray as a good friend.
    He certainly deserves this Honor. He was not only a Champion in the Ring but in the community.
    God continue to Bless your life as you Bless others.

    John Robinson

  5. I was serving in Viet Nam 1971-72 and remember The Windmill fondly, watching him with the guys many times. We LOVED him. The historian just looked him up. We’d like to meet him one day to let Ray know how much he was appreciated. John Shipman Fleet Support Det Danang, RVN, 71-72. BigLookSpooks/Danang (FB)

  6. Ray trainned me along with Indian Joe Castro back when i was 14 years old.up to pro.

  7. I just celebrated with many of his friends, previous boxers and family members of Ray Windmill White for his 80th Birthday on August 4th, 2018. Big smiles on Ray from a great turnout. Bigger smiles were from onlooking faces as we watched Ray on the dance floor for 2 hours Line Dancing and Clogging. I’ve only known Ray from this past 18 years of Clogging together, he’s an Advanced Clogger and Line Dancer, as well as he does 3 other forms of dance. 5 to 6 days a week he goes out dancing.

    I admire all that he has accomplished in life and for what he is still able to do at 80 years old! Ray Windmill White you are a unique human being! And you have left an impressionable mark upon us all ; )

  8. Watch Ray back in the late 60’s when I was a teenager. He always gave a great showing! One of my favorite boxers of that time along with Danny lil Red Lopez

  9. I had the honor of sparing with Mr White on several occasions bac in the d at the gym behind the old bar next to the hotel on main St. He provided me with one of, if not the, fondest athletic memories of my life, after a sparing session, he sat on his table looked over at me pointed and said ” you know, you almost knocked me out in there”, after which he had me wear 20oz gloves. That is an honor I cherish to this day! He is an amazing man. He and Joe always had my greatest respect and admiration.
    Jim (the south paw)

  10. Mark from Oregon.. grew up in Ventura,Ca.
    Remember when I was 9 years old, watching
    RWW… He was my favorite boxer, until I saw smokin Joe Fraser fight.. He was a inspiration to many people over the years!

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