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I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia. This started when I was a young boy in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask questions about their era to expand my own knowledge. Now I am delighted to bring you boxing trivia on a quarterly basis on my website. Five questions appear in March, June, September, and December – with the answers to follow for viewing at the end of each month of posting.

1)  The largest purse that Joe Louis received in his career was $625,916.00 in what “rematch” fight?

a)  vs. Jersey Joe Walcott

b)  vs. Max Schmeling

c)  vs. Arturo Godoy

d)  vs. Billy Conn

2)  The first title fight that was sanctioned by the North American Boxing Federation (NABF) was?

a)  Leotis Martin vs. Sonny Liston

b)  Mike Ayala vs. Romeo Anaya

c)  Donald Curry vs. Bruce Finch

d)  Michael Nunn vs. Curtis Parker

3)  Who was boxing’s first lightweight champion?

a)  George Kid Lavigne

b)  Joe Gans

c)  Jack McAuliffe

d)  Jimmy Britt

4)  What former heavyweight champion once had a baseball tryout, as catcher, with the Chicago Cubs before his boxing career?

a)  Ezzard Charles

b)  Rocky Marciano

c)  Floyd Patterson

d)  Max Baer

5)  What former heavyweight champion was the referee for the Archie Moore vs. Yvon Durelle world light heavyweight title fight?

a)  James Braddock

b)  Joe Louis

c)  Jack Sharkey

d)  Jersey Joe Walcott


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