I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia. This started when I was a young boy in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to expand my knowledge. I am delighted now to bring boxing trivia to my website on a quarterly basis. Five questions appear in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow for viewing by the end of each posting month.

1)  In October 1967 there was a proposed match, Muhammad Ali vs. Wilt Chamberlain. Had it taken place, who would have been Wilt’s trainer?

a)  Ray Arcel

b)  George Benton

c)  Cus D’Amato

d)  Eddie Futch

2)  Who was the best man in Joe Bugner’s wedding?

a)  Simon Garfunkel

b)  Eric Burdon

c)  Ringo Starr

d)  Tom Jones

3)  Who had a role in the 1966 movie “The Fortune Cookie” staring Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau?

a)  Archie Moore

b)  Floyd Patterson

c)  Sonny Liston

d)  Joe Louis

4)  Who served as cut man in 1980 for middleweight champion Alan Minter when he lost the title to Marvin Hagler in London?

a)  Gil Clancy

b)  Jackie McCoy

c)  Chuck Bodak

d)  Dick Sadler

5)  According to Ring Magazine founder and publisher, Nat Fleischer, who was the greatest featherweight of all time?

a)  Terry McGovern

b)  Abe Attell

c)  Willie Pep

d)  Kid Chocolate

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