RT-cropI have always been intrigued with boxing trivia. This started when I was a young boy in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask questions about their era to expand my knowledge. Now I am delighted to bring boxing trivia to you on a quarterly basis on my website. Five questions appear in March, June, September, and December – with the answers to follow by the end of each month for viewing.

1) Who was the first boxer to defeat Roy Jones as a professional ?

a) Julian Jackson

b) Bernard Hopkins

c) James Toney

d) Montel Griffin


2) What former heavyweight champion was often referred to as – Satchel Feet ?

a) Primo Carnera

b) Jess Willard

c) Marvin Hart

d) Jim Braddock


3) What boxer from Argentina had a soccer team in El Salvador named after him ?

a) Luis Firpo

b) Oscar Bonavena

c) Carlos Monzon

d) Juan Coggi


4) Former bantamweight champion Greg Richardson from Youngstown, Ohio had the nickname?

a) The Flea

b) The Atom

c) The Bee

d) The Fly


5) Who beat Larry Holmes (1985) when he was just one win away from tying Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten professional ring record of 49-0?

a) Gerry Cooney

b) Mike Tyson

c) Michael Spinks

d) Leon Spinks


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