I have always be intrigued with boxing trivia. This goes back to when I was a young boy in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask questions about their era to learn and educate myself 다운로드. I am now delighted to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone. On a quarterly basis I post five multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow for viewing by the end of each posting month 다운로드.



1 – Who was the first flyweight champion 구글크롬 동영상?

a)  Jimmy Wilde — CORRECT ANSWER

b)  Frankie Genero

c)  Pancho Villa

d)  Young Zulu Kid


2 – What fight was the largest purse for Joe Louis?

a)  Max Bear (1935)

b)  Max Schmeling (1938)

c)  Billy Conn (1946) — CORRECT ANSWER

d)  Jersey Joe Walcott (1948)


3 – What boxer, in 1903, was the first to use oxygen in a fight from his corner stool?

a)  Jack Root (vs. Kid McCoy)

b)  Terry McGovern (vs. Young Corbett)

c)  Tommy Ryan (vs. James Walker)

d)  James J. Corbett (vs. Jim Jeffries) — CORRECT ANSWER


4 – On February 2, 1964, two weeks before Cassius Clay won the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, he appeared on who’s TV variety show that was viewed by a record 73 million people?

a)  Dinah Shore

b)  Johnny Carson

c)  Ed Sullivan — CORRECT ANSWER

d)  Steve Allen


5 – Joe Louis promoted his first boxing show on April 27, 1949 at the Detroit Olympia Stadium. What former heavyweight champion attended as his guest of honor?

a)  Jack Dempsey — CORRECT ANSWER

b)  Gene Tunney

c)  Jim Braddock

d)  Jack Sharkey


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