RING TRIVIA "answers" for May 2008

1) What Los Angeles based boxer fought EVERY fight in his professional career, but one, at the Olympic Auditorium 다운로드?
the answer is – Richard Steele

2) What is the REAL birth last name of Cuban born former Lightweight Champion Ultimino “Sugar” Ramos 인스턴트 패밀리 다운로드?
the answer is – Zaqueira

3) What boxer had a career total of 152 bouts in 11 years – which was an amazing average of almost 14 fights per year 휴대용 프레지 다운로드?
the answer is – Kid Chocolate

three “new” RING TRIVIA questions are posted up on or about the 1st of every month, with the answers always available for viewing in the third week of each month!

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