RING TRIVIA "answers" June 2009

1) The first use of a motion picture camera to film a boxing match was on September 8, 1894 at the Thomas Edison Kinetoscope Laboratory, Orange, New Jersey … who did heavyweight champion James Corbett fight 다운로드?
answer is – Peter Courtney

2) Shortly after his retirement from the ring, former lightweight champion, Paddy DeMarco worked at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas … where he was a … 마션 자막?
answer is – card dealer

3) In 1899, middleweight Tommy West won on a foul over Jack Bonner after eight rounds, because he was blinded with what substance found on the gloves of Bonner 바로보기와?
answer is – mustard oil

three new RING TRIVIA questions are posted up monthly about the 5th of each month for your enjoyment … with the answers available for viewing later in the month about three weeks later!