RING TRIVIA for April 2008


1) what former heavyweight champion was often referred to as – Satchel Feet ?
a) Jess Willard
b) Jim Braddock
c) Jack Sharkey
d) Primo Carnera

2) the late Howie Steindler trained many professional fighters in his career, who was his first 다운로드?
a) Tony Reno
b) Eddie Shapiro
c) Ernie Lopez
d) Danny Lopez

3) on February 9, 1991 at Madison Square Garden, New York, Terry Norris defeated Sugar Ray Leonard, what boxer now living in southern California fought in the semi- main event on that same card 다운로드?
a) Genaro Hernandez
b) Virgil Hill
c) Gabriel Ruelas
d) Alex Ramos

answers will be posted up for viweing on April 21, 2008 – with new RING TRIVIA questions posted on about the 1st of every month 스프링 게시판 파일 다운로드!


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