RING TRIVIA for April 2010

1) The late undefeated (49-0) heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano was only knocked down twice in his professional career … by whom 비트윈?
a) Rex Lane and Harry Matthews
b) Roland La Starza and Don Cockell
c) Jersey Joe Wallcot and Archie Moore
d) Ezzard Charles and Joe Louis

2) In 1996, the movie “The Great White Hype” starring Samuel L 영화 산상수훈 다운로드. Jackson, Damon Wayans and Peter Berg was based on what heavyweight fight ?
a) Muhammad Ali vs. Jerry Quarry
b) Ken Norton vs 다운로드. Duane Bobick
c) Ron Lyle vs. Scott Le Doux
d) Larry Holmes vs. Gerry Cooney

3) At an early age, former lightweight champion Beau Jack worked as a ?
a) cotton picker
b) railroad porter
c) horse racing jockey
d) shoe shine boy

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