RING TRIVIA for August 2011

a monthly feature from David Martinez Boxing … answers always available for viewing three weeks later )

1) Top heavyweight contender from 1960’s and 1970’s, Alvin Lewis, had a nickname of a color … what was it 하이 네임 다운로드?

a) Red

b) Lavender

c) Ebony

d) Blue

2) In September 1999, what song did Oscar De La Hoya use as a theme song prior to his title fight with Felix Trinidad visa32.dll?

a) Runnin’ Down a Dream – by Tom Petty

b) Tonight Tonight Tonight – by Phil Collins

c) Eye of the Tiger – by Survivor

d) Bailamos – by Enrique Iglesias

3) In December 1952, middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson announced he was retiring … who fought for his vacated title 다운로드?

a) Randy Turpin vs. Bobo Olson

b) Rocky Grazianio vs. Tony Zale

c) Tony Janiro vs. Johnny Bratton

d) Carmen Basilio vs t32. Ralph Jones


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