RING TRIVIA for February 2009

1) Prior to his fight with Cassius Clay in 1964, Sonny Liston had an outstanding ring record of 35 wins, with only one loss … who beat him 장기 무료 다운로드?
a) Marty Marshall
b) Eddie Machen
c) Roy Harris
d) Cleveland Williams

2) Joe Louis promoted his first boxing card on April 27, 1949 at the Detroit Olympia Stadium … what former heavyweight champion attended as his guest of honor 셜록 시즌1 1080p 다운로드?
a) Jack Dempsey
b) Gene Tunney
c) Max Bear
d) Jim Braddock

3) What New York boxer had the distinction of headlining at the “first” show (April 1947) at the Sunnyside Garden, Queens, NY and exactly two years later, at the “last” show (April 1949) at the Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, NY 다운로드?
a) Jimmy Wilde
b) Johnny Moran
c) Harry Diduck
d) Leo Milito

answers will be posted for viewing on February 25th