RING TRIVIA for February 2011

A monthly feature from dmboxing.com

1) The Black Uhlan was the nickname of what former champion 다운로드?
a) Freddie Mills
b) Llloyd Honeyghan
c) Nigel Benn
d) Max Schmeling

2) As a young kid growing up, Roberto Duran idolized what “masked” wrestler 뿌리깊은 나무?
a) Mil Mascaras
b) Torbellino Blanco
c) El Santo
d) The Destroyer

3) In seventy-eight professional bouts, Eder Jofre only lost two and both were to one man … who was that man 무협지 다운로드?
a) Vicente Saldivar
b) Jose Legra
c) Carlos Ortiz
d) Fighting Harada

(answers will be posted up for viewing in about three weeks)

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