RING TRIVIA for January 2011

1) Muhammad Ali “aka” Cassius Clay suffered his first knock down as a professional, in 1962, to what boxer 무료로 게임 다운로드?
a) Alonzo Johnson
b) Billy Daniels
c) Sonny Banks
d) Archie Moore

2) The late boxing trainer Howie Steindler trained many professional fighters in his career, who was his first 다운로드?
a) Tony Reno
b) Eddie Shapiro
c) Ernie Lopez
d) Danny Lopez

3) Mexican great Salvador Sanchez once fought the father of what former champion 쇼미더머니777 4화 다운로드?
a) Aaron Pryor
b) Floyd Mayweather
c) Felix Trinidad
d) Guty Espadas

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