RING TRIVIA for July 2008

1) In 1960, Angelo Dundee became the trainer for Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali; who did he replace 다운로드?

a) Gil Clancy
b) Wayne Bethea
c) Eddie Futch
d) Archie Moore

2) What former heavyweight champion once had a baseball tryout, as a catcher, with the Chicago Cubs before his boxing career 다운로드?

a) Michael Spinks
b) Joe Frazier
c) Leon Spinks
d) Rocky Marciano

3) What former heavyweight contender played the part of “the kid” in the 1970 movie “The Great White Hope” starring James Earl Jones 다운로드?

a) Randell “Tex” Cobb
b) Jim Beattie
c) Tommy Morrison
d) Jack O’Halloran

answers will be posted for viewing the week of July 20