RING TRIVIA for June 2009

1) The first use of a motion picture camera to film a boxing match was on September 8, 1894 at the Thomas Edison Kinetoscope Laboratory, Orange, New Jersey … who did heavyweight champion James Corbett fight 다운로드?
a) Peter Jackson
b) Joe Choynski
c) Peter Courtney
d) Jake Kilrain
2) Shortly after his retirement from the ring, former lightweight champion, Paddy DeMarco worked at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas … where he was a … 다운로드?
a) card dealer
b) bouncer
c) parking attendant
d) bartender
3) In 1899, middleweight Tommy West won on a foul over Jack Bonner after eight rounds, because he was blinded with what substance found on the gloves of Bonner 워드프레스 무료테마?
a) eucalyptus oil
b) motor oil
c) mustard oil
d) tea tree oil
NOTE:  Answers will be posted for viewing later this month on about June 25th