RING TRIVIA for September 2009

1) On October 7, 1959, in New York City, former heavyweight champion Jersey Joe Walcott lost in a “Boxer vs 베이비드라이버 자막. Wrestler” match against Buddy Rogers … what wrestler did Walcott have in his corner as his chief second ?
a) Bobo Brazil
b) Bearcat Wright
c) Sweet Daddy Siki
d) Dory Dixon

2) The first recognized junior middleweight champion was crowned in 1962 … he was 케이크 어플 다운로드?
a) Denny Moyer
b) Ralph Dupas
c) Sandro Mazzinghi
d) Ki Soo Kim

3) The longest boxing match on record was in 1893, it lasted seven hours, 19 minutes, and went 110 rounds … who were the contestants 다운로드?
a) Jack Burke vs. Andy Bowen
b) Jake Kilrain vs. Jem Smith
c) Dal Hawkins vs. Fred Bogan
d) Charley Lynch vs. Andy Kelly

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