RING TRIVIA for September 2019

I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia.  This began back when I was a kid in 1961.  I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to educate myself.  It’s now my pleasure to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone.  On a quarterly basis I post five (5) multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow by the end of each posting month for viewing.

1 – While living in Chula Vista (San Diego), California, Archie Moore had a swimming pool shaped like a boxing?

a – Ring

b – Speed bag

c – Glove

d – Medicine ball

2 – In boxing, the term “Third Man” refers to the?

a – Trainer

b – Corner man

c – Promoter

d – Referee

3 – In the movie “Somebody Up There Likes Me” starring Paul Newman as middleweight champion Rocky Graziano, what other actor was supposed to have a major role as a member of Rocky’s gang – but was reduced to a minor uncredited role?

a – Steve McQueen

b – Charles Bronson

c – Sal Mineo

d – Glenn Ford

4 – On October 7, 1959 in New York, former heavyweight champion Jersey Joe Walcott lost in a “Boxer vs. Wrestler” match against Buddy Rogers. Who was the wrestler in Walcott’s corner as his chief second?

a – Bobo Brazil

b – Bearcat Wright

c – Sweet Daddy Siki

d – Dory Dixon

5 – Eder Jofre was never knocked out and only lost 2 of 78 professional fights in his career, with both losses coming to the same man. Who was that fighter?

a – Vicente Saldivar

b – Jose Medel

c – Sugar Ramos

d – Fighting Harada

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