RING TRIVIA from David Martinez for December 2007

1) On April 26, 1975, former heavyweight champion George Foreman fought five men in one day … what other former heavyweight champion, was the last, prior to Foreman do do such a feat – five men in one day 다운로드?
a) Jack Dempsey
b) Jack Sharkey
c) Max Baer
d) Joe Louis

2) Who are the “only” two brothers to have beaten the “great” Sugar Ray Robinson in his professional career 행복한 나를 다운로드?
a) Buddy and Max Baer
b) Jimmy and Vic Toweel
c) Denny and Phil Moyer
d) Jerry and Mike Quarry

3) The late “legendary” boxing trainer Eddie Futch had many world champions in career, who was his first 하이 네임 다운로드?
a) Don Jordan
b) Eddie Perkins
c) Hedgemon Lewis
d) Ken Norton

Answers will be posted up for viewing on December 22, 2007 … with new Ring Trivia questions posted on about the 1st of every month visa32.dll!

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