RING TRIVIA from David Martinez for January 2008

1) What boxer won the “first” WBA version of the heavyweight championship ?

a) Eddie Machen
b) Ernie Terrell
c) Jimmy Ellis
d) John Tate

2) Who was 22 years, 11 months younger than George Foreman when they fought 다운로드?

a) Axel Schulz
b) Tommy Morrison
c) Michael Moorer
d) Shannon Briggs

3) Who was the “first” heavyweight champion to also win titles as a middleweight, and light heavyweight ejb download?

a) Bob Fitzsimmons
b) Michael Spinks
c) Evander Holyfield
d) Roy Jones

Answers will be posted up for viewing on January 26, 2008 … with new Ring Trivia questions posted up on about the 1st of every month fc4!

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