Ring Trivia from David Martinez

I have always been fascinated by boxing trivia, ever since I was a little boy growing up I would forever ask questions & try to out wit my older counter parts in boxing 자바 서버에서 파일 다운로드.

Today as I am now the older one, I have the young witty ones that ask me, and it is such fun & so educational to be able to answer the many questions that are brought to me 그것이 알고싶다 둘만의 방.

So, here are three questions that I will ask you, my many loyal boxing guests on my website. The answers will be available and posted on September 15th 아마존 뮤직 다운로드. Good luck & have fun! That is my intent:

1) When Muhammad Ali was stripped of his Heavyweight title in May 1967, for refusal of military induction – the World Boxing Association formed an eight-man elimination tournament to find his successor … who won that version of the Heavyweight Championship 다운로드?

a) Joe Frazier

b) Jimmy Ellis

c) Ernie Terrell

d) Jerry Quarry

2) Who is the ONLY man “officially” ever to knock down

Marvelous Marvin Hagler in his 67 bout professional career 다운로드?

a) Juan Roldan

b) Thomas Hearns

c) John Magabi

d) Bennie Briscoe

3) Who was the “first” black World Heavyweight Champion 제노버스2 다운로드?

a) Sam Langford

b) Jack Johnson

c) Sam McVey

d) Peter Jackson

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