Ring Trivia, March 2008


1) Which one of these great champions had the “best” knockout percentage in his career wins ?

a) Carlos Zarate
b) Wilfredo Gomez
c) Julian Jackson
d) Joe Louis

2) Which Los Angeles boxer had the nickname “The Maravilla Kid” 영인스님 다운로드?

a) Mando Ramos
b) Raul Rojas
c) Ruben Navarro
d) Bobby Chacon

3) Which boxer from Argentina had a soccer team in El Salvador named after him 다운로드?

a) Luis Firpo
b) Oscar Bonavena
c) Carlos Monzon
d) Juan Coggi

These answers will be posted up for viewing on March 24th – with RING TRIVIA posted up on or about the 1st of each month 다운로드!

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