Rusty Rubin R.I.P.

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By David Martinez /

When I think about the many friends I have met in over fifty years of being involved in boxing – one name surfaces to the top – Rusty Rubin 다운로드.

This week, on Tuesday November 11, 2014, Rusty, age 72, passed away peacefully at his home in Reno, Nevada.

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I met Rusty back in the late nineties upon my entry into the World Boxing Hall of Fame as a Director of the Board.  He would always come to our annual banquet and we “instantly” became friends from that point forward in life.  I wrote articles for his RingSports Magazine and when I founded my website in July 2007; he offered and was my first feature writer with his award winning column “In Rusty’s Corner” explorer 9 64 bit 다운로드.

I respected this man so much for the beautiful human being that he was.  He was the only boxing publisher / writer / author that offered prayers to the sick and deceased with his offering “Glove 2 Glove” on a regular basis 다운로드.

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Upon hearing about his death, I was stunned and numbed, with tears in my eyes.  He will be missed by many, but he is now resting peacefully in Heaven with God 왕은 사랑한다 다운로드.

Rusty’s legacy will ALWAYS be remembered and never forgotten on my website, as I will keep his name embedded in the menu section under Categories for forever viewing.

6 thoughts on “Rusty Rubin R.I.P.

  1. well said David ,i met Rusty the first time at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Wash. around 96 and remain friends till this week . He did a Lot for me and My ex wife when she was boxing which we never forgot . we both are heart broken over his passing as i know u are. thank you for honoring a great human being .such a sweet spirit he was. RIP Rusty.Love you my friend..

  2. Rusty was a sweet man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wonderful wife Lois. Rusty always encouraged us to come visit. Dave and I always talked about going up to see them but it never worked out which I’m so sad about. Rusty will be missed. I will always be grateful for his kindness to me and my family. Rest in Peace Rusty. God is lucky to have you as his newest Angel.

  3. I didn’t know Rusty personally but felt like I did from reading his many articles, his boxing analysis, and your own comments and explanations covering his long career in boxing. I know there won’t be anyone who will be able to fill the gap created by Rusty’s passing. He took with him a wealth of knowledge that very few people could match today……possibly a few, but not too many. R.I.P. Mr. Rubin.

  4. Rusty; May You RIP…….You Were One of a Kind; Smart- Tuff – Heart of Gold-
    Gave Your Writers Complete Editorial Control & Published a Magazine
    With Very Limited Advertising Support & Wrote like Damon Runyan
    You did it for all the RIGHT Reasons ……..You Will Be Missed

  5. My Very Deepest Condolences go out at this time to the Family & Loved One`s of Mr. Rubin.
    The Boxing Community have definitely lost a Wonderful Friend & Contributer to the Sport.
    My Thoughts & Prayers are with You all as well as Mr. Rubin: “May he Rest in Peace“.

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