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Rusty Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the website and the author of three highly acclaimed boxing books!

Old friend from the UK, former light heavyweight and Lonsdale Belt winner, Tony Wilson has a new website for you to check out, it’s asf 동영상 다운로드. Tony, an asset to our sport, does much for the kids in the UK, and deserves much support from everyone connected to our sport.

Former lightweight champ and good guy Greg “Mutt” Haugen has an organization that is also working with the kids.***

People ask why I don’t write columns on a regular basis 다운로드. It’s not that I don’t have the time, just not always enough going on to comment on. And I’d rather comment on important fights, not just ones that are ‘gimme’s’ a7x 다운로드.

So, in keeping with my policy of picking hard fights, this week features one important fight that figures to be a war. Juan Diaz vs. Julio Diaz, in Chicago, was the best fight to view this weekend.

I picked Juan to stop Julio in the later round, which is the way it ended in round #9.

As for the Holyfield – Ibrigamov fight, I’ve gave up watching the heavyweights of today. They generate as much excitement as an afternoon nap, and sometimes not even that. I really think that with few exceptions, today’s heavyweights can put you to sleep with their lack of action more than the big punch.

Evander knew he had to knock Ibrigamov out, because no matter who the officials were, there is always the loud crowd noise that has to influence some of the judges.

Evander was never a big puncher, so the unanimous decision for the Russian was predictable.

Sadly, Evander wants to continue fighting. With today’s heavyweights, that’s not surprising and shouldn’t be that risky. However anyone can land a big punch and Evander doesn’t need to go from the ‘Real Deal’ to the ‘Mixed (up) Deal. He doesn’t need the money and in truth, he doesn’t generate that much excitement.

You’re a good guy, Evander. Your fans want to remember you that way, and in fact just want you to be able to remember your youth and these fights as years go by. Do yourself a favor and hang up the gloves.

After trying for almost 18 months for a major fight to return to ring glory, Reggie Johnson ( fiormer2 time champion) gets back into the ring with Glencoffe Johnson in a fight held in Lake Charles, LA. On Nov. 17th.

It’s a great fight on paper, and if these guys are anywhere close to their best, it should be a great fight to watch. Congratulations to Kerry Daigle of for putting this outstanding fight together. More info to follow as it comes across my desk.***

For those living in No. Cal and No. Nevada, check out the Silver Legacy fight card, promoted by Mills Lane’s son’s, on Oct. 20th. Local favorite Jesse Brinkley headlines.***

No major fights to make predictions on this week.***

Kudos to Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions for signing Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy. If Lacy’s confidence is not to badly shattered from his loss to Joe Calzaghe, he has talent to spare and like the Phoenix, should rise from the ashes and be a champion again.

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