Ryan Garcia “Upset Win” Over Devin Haney

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Ryan Garcia took on Devin Haney for Haney’s 140  pound title and Garcia is one of those heavily promoted fighters who so far proved to be a a good fighter but not an elite fighter that promoters hope for 다운로드. Garcia first attempt at elite status was his fight against Gervonta Davis who stopped him in the seventh round at the catch weight of 136 pounds.. 

Haney is a rather good fighter who has shown he is a champion, as he took the lightweight title against George Kambosas in Kambosas back yard Australia.  Haney not only traveled halfway round the world once to win the title but twice to defend the title.  He defeated Kambosas even easier the second time.  He won a close bout against Lomachenko and Lomachenko has been one of the best lightweights for the past decade. 

Haney entry into the junior welterweight saw him easily beat the once defeated Regis Prograsis including a third-round knockdown.  Haney proved himself the real thing at 140 pounds as he has now found and defeated championship caliber fighters.  Garcias last victory was a stoppage of Oscar Jurado, and now he was facing an important fight 다운로드.

Garcia is one of those fighters who is loud and self-promoter, effectively using social media promoting himself and the sport.  He is definitely the A side of this fight despite not being the champion but beating Haney was not going to  be easy, who can match Garcia in boxing skills 팔라 독 정식판 무료 다운로드. On paper, Garcia is the stronger fighter with the higher knock out ratio but then Haney has fought quality opponents over his last four fights under championship pressure.  For Garcia, this fight is about justifying the publicity and showing he is the real thing. 

The weight in provided the first drama, when Garcia showed up over two pounds overweight and thus he automatically became ineligible for the title so a victory by Garcia merely vacates the title 무료 bgm 다운로드.

The first round went Garcia way as he landed several punches, including a left hook that stunned Haney, but the second round saw Haney get the upper hand as he handed jabs 포켓몬 실버 다운로드. The third round saw Haney landing an over hand right that landed along with a left-hand counter against Garcia and a left hook staggered Garcia and after three rounds, I had the bout 29-28 for Haney after three rounds.

Haney landed a right to Garcia at the start of fourth round. Haney landed another jab, nailing Garcia.  Garcia started to lay back and this gave Haney the advantage including a left hook, but Garcia landed a clean shot to Haney’s head who held on . Haney gave Garcia a feint before landing a jab to the body. In the fifth and Haney took advantage of Garcia low output, but Garcia was able to land a good right that forced Haney to clinch.  Haney landed a left hook to the Garcia.

Garcia started the sixth round throwing left and rights but while the first combination failed to land, the second did land.  Haney stuck jabs but Garcia landed the better punches and halfway through the fight, Haney was up on my score card 58 to 56. This was a close round, and some viewed this as a Haney round.

Haney smothered Garcia and landed a jab and big hook landed and Haney went down and a point deduction against Garcia hitting on a break allowed Haney to escape with a 9-8 round against him and a hook sent Haney down again but called a slip.  This changed the fight, and it was 66-65 in favor of Haney, but he was on stiff leg at the end of the round.   At the start of the eighth round, Haney legs still looked wobbly as Garcia attacked with solid combination. As the round progressed, Haney legs established and even landed combinations  moving forward but after the eight rounds, it was even fight 75-75.

Haney had a comeback round in the ninth as he landed combination and took an 85-84 lead but in the tenth round, Garcia dropped Haney a second time officially and Haney held on for dear life as Garcia  tried to end the  fight.  The score was 94 – 93 on my score card. Garcia dropped Haney a third time in the fight in the eleventh round with hooks and on my scorecard I had it 104 -101 and Haney had to knock out to win in the final round.

Garcia was confident that he had the fight and started the final round fast and he landed a right hand. Haney held on and blood flowed from his mouth.   Garcia landed right hands and short left hook. Two of the judges had Garcia up by 114-110 and 115-109 and another judge had It even 112-112.  I had it 114-110.

The bad news for Garcia by coming in nearly three pounds overweight, he lost his chance to be a champion and had to pay some big bucks for a penalty.  As for Haney he was beaten by a more powerful fight even though he was the smaller fighter.  Garcia landed more punches and landed nearly double the power shots.  Haney hit the canvas three times and in the seventh round Garcia could easily have been credited with another knockdown.  

 This was Garcia big moment that most boxing fans waited for, where as an underdog, he defeated a worthy opponent.   Maybe next time, he might show up at the assigned weight.

When you look at Garcia numbers, you see in the sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh round his domination.  In the seventh, tenth and eleventh, he knocked Haney down, but the fight may turn in the sixth after losing four of the previous rounds landing only 17 punches over the those rounds to Haney 31 but in those four rounds, the sixth, seventh, the tenth and the eleventh round,  he landed 60 punches  to Haney 31 punches.   He easily won five of the last seventh round with two of those rounds 10-8 and one was 9-8 due to a point deduction.   Garcia won this important fight.

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