Sarah Cammann … A Jewel in Boxing

 By David Martinez /

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When I think of women in boxing, the first lady that comes to my mind is Aileen Eaton 다운로드. She was the legendary fight promoter at the historic Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles from 1942 to 1980. Her outstanding knowledge about fighters and the business of boxing earned her the first ever honor of a woman being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2002 구글 드라이브 폴더. She is also an inductee in the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the California Boxing Hall of Fame.

SC - 2I fully support women in boxing in any capacity and would like to bring to your attention a lady that is my friend – Sarah Cammann 다운로드.

I met Sarah about five years ago while she was attending the University of California Santa Barbara. She would come into Duke’s Boxing every day for fitness, which led her into boxing 가정부 미타. Owner Henry Calles opens his door and offers his expertise in the sport to all that come to Duke’s Boxing. From the moment Sarah entered the gym, we all “instantly” knew there was something special – very special – about her and this did manifest itself bigger than life right before our very eyes over the past years through her dedication 다운로드.SC - 3

Sarah has become more than just another person in the gym with her hard work and her nothing is too meaningless to help attitude 성경 찬송 무료 다운로드. She trains and is involved in everything in and out of the gym. Most importantly, last year when Henry became a professional in the ring and we needed a Team Manager, there was no one who came to mind but Sarah to fulfill those business duties and to be a hands-on figure in the gym, both training for Henry and helping others in the gym as well 다운로드.SC - 4

She trains and boxes herself, and for a lady that is just 100 pounds strong – she is dynamite 다운로드.

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I can say so many positive things about Sarah in boxing, but what really stands out are her focus, loyalty, dependability and kindness in being willing to learn the trade of boxing html5 멀티 파일. I might surmise this is brought on by her being an elementary school teacher and helping kids in her regular job.

SC - 7For those who know Sarah, you will certainly agree with me that she is a wonderful human being 김동률 출발. I consider myself blessed to have her in my life. Sarah’s growing knowledge in a sport she loves will only get brighter in the years to come – like a jewel in boxing!


One thought on “Sarah Cammann … A Jewel in Boxing

  1. Oh for sure Aileen Eaton. Always Great bouts from the Olympic.
    Enjoyed reading about Sarah.

    Perhaps some day Sarah wil be promoting even greater bouts as it is nice to read how she started in the “game”. However, if I read right she has a even greater valueable job i.e. teaching youngters. Or, those youngters are the push to the gym after classes to release it all on the heavy bag and “rat a tat” of the speed bag for calming pressure perhaps.

    In any case continued success in life Sarah and the in “game”.

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