Saying Goodbye to My Friend George Garcia ~ R.I.P.

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By David Martinez /

This past week, I said my final goodbye to a wonderful human being and best of friends,  George Garcia 돈 2019 다운로드. I was honored as a pallbearer and to speak about him at the funeral service. My focus was his kindness which, besides boxing, is what attracted me most and made us the true, everlasting  friends that we were for about the past twenty years 다운로드.

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George leaves behind a host of wonderful family and friends 와호장룡 다운로드. But it is his long time girlfriend, and later to become his wife, Claire Landless that was and will forever be the soul mate of his life. Together they formed a unique bond in love and respect for one other, exhibiting a truly great relationship between a man and a woman.

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On the day of George’s burial, a part of me went to heaven with him. He will always be a part of this website and will never be forgotten, as he will remain in the categories section; just click onto his name, George Garcia, for viewing.

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I miss you and love you George … may your soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord!


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to My Friend George Garcia ~ R.I.P.

  1. My darling Sweetie was an Angel here on earth for 60 years. He possessed a heart of gold. I was blessed to have been part of his life for many years. I will treasure all the wonderful times we shared. He will forever be in my heart and my daily thoughts as that is what will get me through, until the day we reunite.

    Thank you David for making George part of your most impressive web-site. I am sure George is smiling from up above.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and memory of my sisters sweetie. I truly believe God brought them together. She loved him unconditionally, and he adored her. As my mom would say they had a good run, thank you Sweetie for coming into my sisters life and showing her what true love really is. We all will meet again.

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