Sergio Mora – The Latin Snake

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian, Photos – George Garcia

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from photographer George Garcia earlier this week that he took it upon himself to make a connection with newly crowned WBC Super Welterweight Champion Sergio Mora for a rare photo shoot 디워 아리랑 다운로드.

George called me and asked if I could write something, and that he would be honored to display his photos along with the article on my website 다운로드.

George is a master photographer and I am delighted that he has been and continues to be an integral part of 다운로드. And now, we will enjoy his exclusive photos taken of the champ – Sergio Mora.

Sergio, born December 4, 1980, won the world title on June 7, 2008, with a majority decision over Vernon Forrest 다운로드.

Sergio, up until becoming a world champion, was best known as the boxer that emerged as the 2005 champion of the NBC reality show, The Contender 영화 숙희 다운로드. His victories while on the TV show were (in order): Najai Turpin, Ishe Smith, Jesse Brinkley and Peter Manfredo. At the time Mora fought each of these opponents, they had a combined ring record of 75-3 수고했어 오늘도 다운로드. Sergio held a 12-0 ring record coming into the Turpin fight.

Sergio is still currently undefeated with a 21-0-1 professional ring record 다운로드. His nickname, The Latin Snake, refers to his Hispanic origins as well as the fast hand speed he possesses.

The stage is set for a rematch with Vernon Forrest on September 13, 2008 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, just three months after their first encounter 다운로드. Sergio beat tremendous betting odds in that first fight and now the boxing world awaits to see him erase all doubts and attempt to retain his crown in a much anticipated rematch 다운로드!