Shakur Stevenson Unanimous Decision Over Artem Harutyunyan AND Undercard Results (7-6-24)

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Shakur Stevenson defend his title against Artem Harutyunyan, and this was a good card featuring O’Shaquie Foster defending his Super featherweight  title against Robson Conceicao plus Keyshawn Davis challenged the tough veteran Miguel Madueno.  The televised card started with undefeated prospect Abdullah Mason against Luis Lebron adobe acrobat 9 pro 다운로드.

The first fight Abdullah Mason did a beat down with quick hands and power against a Luis Lebron.  He used quick hands to pound his opponent.  Lebron had no answers as he could not penetrate Mason defense and Mason simply landed whatever punch he wanted.  He landed combination to the body as well as the face.  Lebron’s corner stopped the fight as blood gushed from his nose.  Mason connected on 45 punches over nearly three rounds and his opponent landed only 15. 

Keyshawn Davis showed his boxing skills against the tough veteran Miguel Madueno 다운로드. Madueno toughness was shown by the fact he never been stopped or hit the canvas. Undefeated Davis landed punches with his hand speed and that includes body shots and combinations to the head 네이버 움짤.

Davis’s punches were sharp as Madueno came forward and by halfway through the fight Madueno tired and Davis continued to beat Madueno on the inside and then moving away with combinations that punctuated end of every round after round 다운로드.

Madueno became frustrated as he pushed his head into Davis’s head after round six and in seven rounds, he picked Davis up as if he were going to body slam Davis and he even threw a post bell punch that missed and hit the ref.  He was flirting with disqualification, but the referee was tolerating the antics.  Madueno continued to move forward and continued to be nailed by Davis

The fight was easy to score, and Davis won 99-91 but you could have scored it 100-90, which I did ssdt download.

Another fight that should have been easy to score was the O’Shaquie Foster versus Robson Conceicao as Foster easily outboxed Conceicao as he out landed his opponent in ten of the twelve rounds and Foster had five rounds in which he landed double digit punches versus Conceicao who only had two rounds in which he landed ten punches.  He connected on only 11 percent of his punches versus Foster who landed 25 percent of his punches.  Conceicao threw 700 punches versus to only 435 punches for Foster, but Foster landed 30 more punches including more power shots and more jabs.  Conceicao aggressiveness was ineffectual and yet two judges had it 116-112 and 115-113 for Conceicao and even the judge who gave the fight to foster still gave Conceicao four rounds.  I had the fight 118-110 and ESPN had 119-109.  Conceicao only won two rounds at most so leaves the question what fight was the judges watching.  They were impressed with Conceicao aggressive style but when you land only one of ten punches and fail to hurt your opponent with any of them, then you lose the fight. Period. The judges robbed Foster of his title and there better be a rematch and yes, make sure these judges are nowhere at the rematch. Boxing is about hitting your opponent and not getting hit.  Conceicao got hit more and did extraordinarily little connecting.   Pathetic judging.

Shakur Stevenson won an easy unanimous decision against Artem Harutyunyan, and the judges actually got it right as they had Stevenson winning.  I had the fight 119-109 and again .  Stevenson landed 44 percent of his power shots and landed 66 body shots that hurt Artem, but he failed to get his knockout.   The first two rounds were feeling around before Stevenson started to get his rhythm and started to land his punches consistently. 

Harutyunyan started moving and had an awkward style that made it difficult for Stevenson but as the fight progressed,  Stevenson was able to connect with body shots and slowed Harutyunyan down.   Over the last ten rounds, Stevenson connected on 150 punches versus to only 66 punches for Harutyunyan.   Stevenson easily won but he didn’t stop his opponent.

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