Skakur Stevenson “Impressive” Stoppage Over Shuichiro Yoshino

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Shakur Stevenson faced undefeated Shuichiro Yoshino for WBC lightweight eliminator as he began a quest for a third title. 

Stevenson spent the first minute feeling out Yoshino to see what he had, and while Yoshino try to connect with body shots, Stevenson hand speed prove problematic for Yoshino and his defense made Yoshino miss as he took the first round 자기소개서 ppt 다운로드.

Yoshino landed a solid right down the middle at the beginning of the second round, but he couldn’t match Stevenson hand speed and Stevenson landed combinations almost at will 다운로드. Stevenson landed a right to the body and with little more than a minute left, Stevenson followed the right to the body with a left hook, sending Yoshino down. 

Yoshino kept pushing the issues in the third, but Stevenson kept landing clean shots and took the Japanese to school.  After three rounds I had this fight 30-26 다운로드.

The fourth round was similar as Yoshino kept pushing forward but Shakur kept nailing his opponent.  Stevenson cracked a left that sent Yoshino down a second time and Yoshino had to know from this point he was outclassed.  He didn’t appeared hurt, but Skakur Stevenson simply dominated the round as he landed a right hook, straight left and uppercuts.  The score after four was 40-34 옥란면옥 다운로드.

Yoshino showed no quit as he kept moving after Stevenson but Stevenson alternating between countering Yoshino and other times leading the action.  Yoshino rarely connected on meaningful punches and the fifth round was just another easy round for Stevenson. 

The sixth began with a body shot by Stevenson before he landed a left uppercut as Yoshino kept moving forward but the end was near.  A hard shot hurt Yoshino and the referee stopped the fight psnstuff.

This fight was nothing more than target practice for Stevenson as he landed 60% of his power shots, and Yoshino only landed 14%.  Stevenson landed nearly triple the power shots.  Overall, Stevenson landed 50% of his punches and Yoshino only landed 11% of his punches, and these statistics showed complete domination.

For Shakur Stevenson, the lightweight division offers opportunities including big name possibilities jus as Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia or Devin Haney. 

One thought on “Skakur Stevenson “Impressive” Stoppage Over Shuichiro Yoshino

  1. Shakur is part of a solid LW era. I think that Haney will be his biggest test at LW. This era has the potential to be mentioned with the great eras.

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