Split Decision for Calzaghe!

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

On Saturday night, April 19, 2008, in a much anticipated fight, unbeaten and Super Middleweight champion, Joe Calzaghe, made his debut in the United States by stepping up to light-heavyweight to challenge the crafty 43 year-old champion, Bernard Hopkins 다운로드.

The bout was held at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a Hollywood-type atmosphere which featured such stars as Sylvester Stallone, David Beckham, Jim Belushi, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Simon Cowell, Michael J 다운로드. Fox, Pete Sampras, Whitney Houston, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to name a few.

Hopkins floored Calzaghe in the very first round with a sneaky right hand, and proceeded to win most rounds early in the fight 손오공 다운로드. However, Calzaghe captured control as the fight progressed, winning in a very close 12 round split decision.

After the fight, HBO judge Harold Lederman said “that in my eyes, this was not a tough fight to score: 116 to 111, nine rounds for Calzaghe and three rounds for Hopkins.” But as much as I respect the judgement of my personal friend, Harold, I will disagree; this was a tough fight to score – I had it by just a whisker for Calzaghe 다운로드.

The official judges at ringside had this fight as follows: Ted Gimza 115-112 for Calzaghe; Adelaide Byrd 114-113 for Hopkins; and Chuck Giampa 116-111 for Calzaghe 다운로드. My scorecard had Calzaghe 114, Hopkins 113, with the first round being a 10-8 round for Hopkins; thus, Calzaghe winning seven rounds and Hopkins five rounds 윈도우7 iso 이미지 다운로드.

What is next for these two champions? I do believe that a huge pay day is awaiting Calzaghe to fight Roy Jones; and for Hopkins, he still has plenty of fight in him, even at his young age of 43 years old 다운로드!

One thought on “Split Decision for Calzaghe!

  1. Hello, i have it a draw. many things go through my mind when i think of this fight. at 43 hopkins is a outstanding fighter, age, weight are so vital in the fight game. niether ever bothers hopkins now thats a real champion. roberto duran was another. calzaghe, is a very good fighter, if calzaghe fights jones, and if jones losses they will say the age..now a peak jones now thats a different story. i would love to see calzaghe vs pavlik, thats a war. thanks. mike.

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