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In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

With this lull in big-name boxing, I figured I’d take the opportunity to answer a few questions that have piled up in recent months. 

1) Do I foresee the magazine or the website coming back avi 코덱 다운로드?
A) Not at this point in time, at least not with me in charge. In my senior years I look forward to being as lazy as possible. 

2) Do I make more money writing for other sites than I did owning my own 다운로드?

A) Didn’t make money on either. My rewards are the many friends I made over the years, far more valuable than the money (at least to me). 

3) Will boxing ever reach the heights again 한컴 오피스 교육 기관용 다운로드?
A) Probably, but not in my lifetime. Boxing has too many problems to cope with right now, including the extra competition from the MMA 다운로드. The problem can best be seen in the lack of boxing gyms and the quickening (and sickening) demise of the amateur program. It’s also why we see so few exciting fighters on the horizon. 

4) Best pound for pound fighter ever 듀오링고 다운로드? Continue reading In Rusty’s Corner