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ERIK MORALES … another title fight!



photo courtesy, Ray Luna

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian


         In August 2007, former WBC / WBO super bantamweight (122 lbs) champion, WBC featherweight (126 lbs) champion, IBF junior Lightweight (130 lbs) and WBC super featherweight (130 lbs) champion Erik “El Terrible” Morales retired from boxing and the end career of a great champion fromMexico was put to rest 다운로드.

But after a two year, seven month retirement, and to the disagreement of many boxing experts including myself, Erik made a comeback.

So, after a few fights against mediocre opponents, last April Erik fought the hard-puncher Marcos Maidana in a junior welterweight (140 lbs) bout 암살교실 1기 다운로드.

Again, the boxing experts, including myself, were in agreement that it was a huge mistake and risk by an older Morales.

In a shocker, Erik took the younger Maidana the full 12 rounds in an interim title fight, and lost by decision in what I consider a candidate for fight of the year 다운로드. Continue reading ERIK MORALES … another title fight creo 3.0 다운로드!


Last month on June 25, 2011, I celebrated my birthday and retired after 40 years of service with the state of California / Caltrans 웹 하드 폴더 다운로드. It was such an honor to host a party gathering at my home for family and friends. I would like to share a short part of that with a video clip from that day – yes it’s me wearing the mask as a fun routine – for your viewing enjoyment 다운로드.

Although there were many speakers that day, I want to thank Armando Ramirez and John Palminteri shown in this short clip. Also thanks to Bob Quackenbush for taking this video and Desiree D’Alessandro for editing 다운로드.

Sincerely, David Martinez


NOTE: this video is also available on YOU TUBE under title: David Martinez Retirement Roast Excerpt



Dub Harris / R.I.P.

Johnny Ortiz, Dub Harris, David Martinez
( photo taken October 18, 2002 )

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Last month the boxing world lost a friend, Maurice “Dub” Harris, who passed away peacefully on June 27, 2011 at the age of 94 다운로드. He was a highly decorated veteran of the United States Army serving in both World War II and the Korean War. Dub, along with Everett Sanders (original founder), Charlie Casas, and Gordon Del Faro, was one of the charter members of the World Boxing Hall of Fame that started in 1980 다운로드. Dub served five terms as president (1982), (1985), (1989-1990), (1995-1996), (1997-1998). Dub remained active as Chairman of the Board and President’s Advisor until failing health in 2005 forced him to depart the World Boxing Hall of Fame after twenty five years of dedicated service with the goal to always strive for excellence 다운로드. I officially met Dub in November 1996 when Deborah Sutherland set up an appointment to have him interview me to become a member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame 울버린 다운로드. I was not shy about telling him about how I wanted to serve and offer my boxing expertise to the organization. He was delighted with my interview and I was always remember what he told me, “Don’t let me down,” which became the motivating sprit that he sincerely embedded in me and lit the torch I burned for the next ten years I served the World Boxing Hall of Fame windows 10 enterprise. We often kidded about “Don’t let me down” between us, in which he would always look at me with that smile he had for the chosen ones whom he considered on his team 포인터 포커스 다운로드. Continue reading Dub Harris / R.I.P.

The Greatest Mexican-Born Boxers “ pound for pound ” of All Time

Ruben Olivares and David Martinez
photo taken October 16, 1999 )
By David Martinez / Boxing Historian  

Picking the five best Mexican boxers was really an easy task because the five I have personally chosen are so close in greatness at the peak of their careers, that I could virtually switch the order around in any way and that would satisfy any boxing fan 다운로드.

My order is simply based on what I have seen, my research, interviews with the people that have lived in their eras, and my expertise on how they would of done against each other had they fought at the peak of their careers 다운로드.

The level of their competition also plays a huge factor, but not necessarily their ring record, and I can say that I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity in my lifetime see all five of these great champions in their respective careers hp 무선랜 드라이버.

#1) RUBEN OLIVARES, Total Bouts: 104  (88-13-3 / 78 by KO)
former World Bantamweight Champion: 1969-1970, 1971-1972
former WBA Featherweight Champion: 1974
former WBC Featherweight Champion: 1975

Ruben was simply the best Mexican-born body puncher that I have ever seen in the ring, with a tremendous left hook to liver and a right cross to his opponents chin which was devastating 다운로드.

When Ruben won the World Bantamweight title in 1969 against Lionel Rose by knockout in five rounds, his ring record was an impressive 51-0-1 with 49 KO’s, and at one point early in his career he had a knockout streak of 21 in a row 다운로드.

From April 1970 to April 1971, and in between other fights in that 12 month period, Ruben had a trilogy with Chucho Castillo, wining two of the three fights against his fellow Mexican countryman 다운로드.

After the Castillo fights, Ruben started having trouble making weight at the bantamweight limit, and, before moving up into the featherweight class, he lost two fights against another great countryman, Rafael Herrera 다운로드.

Although Ruben fought later in his career at featherweight, and won two versions of those titles at 126 pounds, his true greatness was at bantamweight at 118 pounds 위대한 계춘빈 다운로드. They came no colorful, nor more dynamic than Ruben Olivares, who I consider at his prime the greatest Mexican-born boxer I have seen.

Ruben fought all the other top notable fighters of his era, such as Efren Torres, Jesus Pimentel, Godfrey Stevens, Bobby Chacon, Art Hafey, Alexis Arguello, David Kotey, Danny Lopez, Jose Luis Ramirez, and Eusebio Pedroza 지식채널 다운로드.

Ruben Olivares retired in 1981, but five years later, 1986 at the age of 39, he made a comeback and fought in two dismal fights before he officially retired from the ring in 1988 그루브 샤크. Continue reading The Greatest Mexican-Born Boxers “ pound for pound ” of All Time

Ray “Windmill” White / California Boxing Hall of Fame

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Last year in a conversation with Don Fraser, President of the California Boxing Hall of Fame, I mentioned to him, “Why isn’t Ray White in your select group of inductees?” Don’s reply was simple, “I have thought of that, but I have no idea how to reach him.” My reply to that was simple, “Don, because of my involvement with USA Amateur Boxing, I see and talk with Ray at various southern California shows and I will gladly take care of this for you.”

So late last year at a boxing show, I made that connection for Mr 고잉 마이 홈. Fraser, and now the rest of the story will take place later this month when Ray White will officially be inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame 다운로드.

My memories of Ray White are fun ones, as I watched him box several times at Southland venues. He was a colorful light heavyweight in the 60’s and early 70’s 다운로드.

A carpenter by trade, White took up boxing in 1958. His flamboyant clowning style included his unique “rooster” with others being the behind the back punch and the back hand bolo punch 다운로드. Those antics gave him the nickname of “Windmill.” He was also referred to as the “Clown Prince of Boxing.”
Continue reading Ray “Windmill” White / California Boxing Hall of Fame

“World Colored Heavyweight Championship”

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Let me bring you a feature story that you will probably not read anywhere regarding, all together, the five best black heavyweights at the turn of the 20th century.

I got the idea when I overheard some mutual friends talking about the best black baseball players that never got the chance to play in the major leagues, and had to settle playing against each other in the old negro league 다운로드.

I have rated many boxers in many categories throughout my 50 years of  boxing … on this website alone you will find that I have rated the best heavyweights, the best lightweights, the best Mexicans fighters, and now I will personally rate the best black heavyweights in a time period that but only one of them, Jack Johnson, had the opportunity to fight for the heavyweight championship.

But before Johnson came into the scene, I must acknowledge Peter Jackson. He was a true pioneer in the brass knuckle days, and the first black heavyweight that set the stage for the top recognition of the black boxers, and that was before the turn of the 20th century 투투 벨 다운로드.

Racial prejudice was the only thing that kept Jackson from his chance to win the heavyweight championship. In a ten year span, 1882-1892, in which Jackson was in his prime, the heavyweight champion was John L. Sullivan, who stated that he would never fight a negro for his crown.

Just before Sullivan lost his coveted belt, in 1892, to James J Corbett, a year prior to that fight in 1891 Jackson fought Corbett to a grueling 61 round draw, in a bout that lasted over four hours 다운로드. Jackson would never fight Corbett once he held the title, and lost to another future heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries seven years later after the Corbett fight, in a fight that virtually ended his career.

Jackson “aka” The Black Prince was considered by many boxing experts (even to this to this day) at the peak of his career as one of the most complete heavyweights ever 대학생 워드 다운로드.

#1 Jack Johnson

After the turn of the 20th century, I rate Jack Johnson the best at that time, and in his prime he was truly the top heavyweight. Johnson was a master defensive boxer, and well ahead of his time among any of the great boxers, black or white in his era. He won the heavyweight championship when he was 32 years old, Ali was 22, and Joe Louis was 23 Nginx download. He was the central figure in the most dramatic fight in heavyweight boxing history; his July 4, 1910, bout with Jim Jeffries caused more national repercussions than any thing ever seen in the sport. Johnson fought the best of his time, and lost the championship to Jess Willard on a “controversial” knockout. The late Nat Fleischer, Ring Magazine founder, said Johnson was simply the best heavyweight champion ever 트로트 mp3 무료 다운로드. That is also my opinion.

#2) Harry Wills

Possibly the greatest heavyweight that never won the title. He was ranked many times as a top contender for Johnson’s belt, but they never fought. He also was ranked the number one contender, when Jack Dempsey was champion, but they never fought.

Wills, was forced to fight continuously against many of the best black fighters in his era such as Sam Langford, Sam McVey, and Joe Jeannette, but in a career that spanned six heavyweight champions, not once did he get a title shot 다운로드.

Wills was known as The Black Panther, and was a big six-foot, three inches, and 220 pounds. Although many of his early bouts were unrecorded, I found his ring record to be 65 wins, 8 losses, 2 draws, 47 knockouts, with 25 no-decisions, 3 no-contests. His best punch was a right cross that was so powerful, that in his 47 wins by KO, those lasted an average of only three rounds.

Had he been given the opportunity to fight for the title, I truly believe he would have changed the history of boxing and would have been the second black heavyweight champion 다운로드.

#3) Sam Langford

Recognized by the late Nat Fleischer, Ring magazine founder, the seventh best heavyweight of all time, and in a current issue of Ring Magazine rated him number two on their all time list of best punchers.

Langford was known as the Boston Tar Baby, and he was not a big heavyweight in statue, only five foot, seven inches, 185 pounds. His career spanned a quarter of a century, 1902 to 1926, with 164 wins, 38 losses, 37 draws, 117 knockouts, with 48 no-decisions, 3 no-contests 장기 무료 다운로드.

Langford, was truly considered by many boxing historians, including myself, as good as any heavyweight during the first 15 years of the 20th century.

#4) Joe Jeanette

Actually a look-a-like in styles to Sam Langford, was not big by heavyweight standards, at five foot ten inches, 190 pounds 셜록 시즌1 1080p 다운로드. His ring record was most impressive: 79 wins, nine losses, 6 draws, 66 knockouts, with 62 no-decisions, 1 no-contest.

He is best known for his quote to Jack Johnson, in which he repeatedly said “that Jack forgot about his old (black) friends after he became champion and drew the color line against his own people.”

Jeanette had fought Johnson seven times prior to Johnson winning the title, and held his own with one win, one loss, one draw, and four no-decisions. He also fought Langford 15 times, and holds a 15 round decision over future light heavyweight champion Georges Carpentier.

His most memorable fight was in 1909 against Sam McVey, in which he over came 27 knockdowns to win by knockout in 50 rounds, a fight that lasted three-and-a-half hours, and was recorded as the longest fight of the 20th century.

#5) Sam McVey

Some refer him to McVea. He was actually a Mike Tyson look-a-like in many ways. He was compact, had a powerful physique, with tremendous punching power, as he stood 5 foot ten inches, and at a solid 215 pounds. His ring record was 65 wins, 15 losses, 11 draws, 47 knockouts, with 1 no-decision, 4 no-contests.

At one point in his career, from 1906 to 1912, in 43 bouts fought he had a stretch of 38 victories, 2 losses, and 3 draws, with an incredible 32 knockouts – with the two lone losses only to Joe Jeanette.

He fought Jack Johnson three times early in his career, with less than ten fights under his belt and before he was even 20 years old and lost all three times, Johnson was 26 years old and had over forty fights under his belt. The two would never fight again after Johnson won the world heavyweight championship in 1908.

Although boxing historians will agree that his 50 round bout with Jeanette in 1909 was a classic, and is was, McVey’s best winning performance was on June 29, 1915 against Sam Langford. He won a 12 round decision in which McVey had Langford on the verge of a knockout in the 8th round, in a thrilling fight from start to finish.

In closing, from Peter Jackson to the five I have mentioned above, ironically each one of these men at one time in their famed careers held what was called during their era – the “World Colored Heavyweight Championship.”

Year in Review / The Best in Boxing 2010

By David Martinez, Boxing Historian

I have assembled personal choices in boxing for THE BEST OF 2010 in the major categories, and they are:

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Sergio Martinez

On April 17, Sergio scored an impressive upset victory over Kelly Pavlik to win the WBC / WBO Middleweight Championship labview 2019. Then on November 20, he avenged a previous loss to Paul Williams with a spectacular second round knockout to retain his middleweight belts.

FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Humberto Soto vs 다운로드. Urbano Antillon (Dec 14)

This was 12 rounds of toe-to-toe non-stop action and a fight fans dream fight 다운로드. Soto retained his WBC Lightweight Championship by a close, unanimous decision in this fight for the ages.

Runners Up: Amir Khan vs 다운로드. Marcos Maidana … Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis … Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler

ROUND OF THE YEAR: Amir Khan vs 초콜렛 도넛 다운로드. Marcos Maidana / Round 10 (Dec 11)

This fight started off with Khan registering a first round knockdown over Maidana 클립 아트 다운로드. With Khan ahead on all scorecards going into the 10th round, a desperate Maidana landed a huge right hand to Khan’s jaw. THis buckled Khan’s legs and it appeared he would be knocked out 다운로드. A vicious right hand followed by a left literally had Khan out on his feet. He weathered the storm to retain his WBA Junior Welterweight title with a unanimous, but close, 12 round decision 다운로드.

Happy Halloween!

By John Boitnott  / dmboxing.com Producer

I really like knowing David Martinez 다운로드. Of course there’s his endless boxing knowledge – his ability to analyze a fight – even as it’s happening. I respect his advice big time.

One of the best things he does is something that only happens at Halloween 다운로드. He will dress up like a masked wrestler. So let me share with you now a photo of this years 2010 edition of him at a party posing with young lady – Kim djmax trilogy 다운로드. He will always accommodate others for a picture and let me say that it’s my absolute pleasure to serve as his producer since this website started back in July 2007 – thank you David 스플린터셀 다운로드!

Muhammad Ali / Part Five

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

In part five of my six part series on Muhammad Ali, I would like to give you my personal view of ten incredible highlight facts during his boxing career:

1 ) Ali is the only one to have won the linear heavyweight championship three times 다운로드. The linear title is recognized by tracing an unbroken lineage of titleholders going back over 100 years, with every champion defeating the previous title holder in the ring 다운로드.

2 ) Ali has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine 37 times, second only to Michael Jordan.

3 ) According to many boxing historians, they rate Ali as the greatest heavyweight of all time 다운로드. In my personal rankings (which can be seen on this website in Categories – click on – Rankings or August 2007 Archives to see Rating The Heavies) I rate Ali #2, just ahead of Joe Louis, and just behind Jack Johnson 파이널 판타지 13 다운로드.

4 ) The May 25, 1965 photo of Ali knocking out Sonny Liston is one of the greatest sports photos of the 20th century.
Continue reading Muhammad Ali / Part Five

“Nobody Important is Fighting”

아프리카 다시 보기 다운로드

Chiquita Gonzalez
David Martinez
Michael Carbajal
(October 17, 2003)

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

The date was March 3, 1993, and the fight was between two superb boxers with a combined ring record of sixty-three wins andone loss: Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez (36-1) vs zebra designer pro 2. Michael “Manitas De Piedra” Carbajal (27-0) for the WBC/IBF Junior Flyweight Championship from the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

As I was gathering food and drinks to host the fight at my home, a friend called to tell me that he was not coming because (quote) Nobody Important is Fighting 향유기 다운로드!

To this day, I have never forgotten that CLASSIC statement… I actually say that to the people who think boxing is a dead sport but ask me, “so when is the next big fight?”
Continue reading “Nobody Important is Fighting”

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