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In Rusty’s Corner – “Unimpressed” with Mayweather

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

After watching the Mayweather – Cotto fight, I noticed that on more than one occasion “Money” took a breather and let Cotto fight and perhaps win a couple of rounds 카카오톡 api 다운로드. If Mayweather really believes he is better than Pac Man, why doesn’t he fight him? What does he have to lose, well only the zero at the end of his record, which can cost him dearly 다운로드. Am I the only writer out there who believes the time has come for “Money” to put up or shut up….Color me unimpressed with his showing vs. Cotto 찬송가 ppt 다운로드.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao will be fighting Tim Bradley, in what may well be another yawner. It’s not that Pac Man is taking an easy fight, it’s just that there is only one big name out there, and it’s a guy named Mayweather 다운로드.

I’m not analyzing this fight today, but on the surface I see nothing that Bradley brings to the table that can sidetrack Pacquiao. But I’ll do an in-depth report as that fight draws closer.***

Meanwhile, as promised, I’ll give my picks on the top boxing folks who have influenced our sport, good or bad, over the past 75 years 창부타령 다운로드.

Right on top of my list, as a boxer, it has to be Jack Johnson, who did more to influence minorities to perform not only in boxing but all sports,  than anyone else before him amr 코덱 다운로드. He was of course the first black heavyweight champion.

There are others who should be mentioned as positive forces in boxing: fighters like Muhammad Ali; Ernie Terrell; Floyd Patterson; Oscar de la Hoya; Christy Martin; and I apologize to all those I left out in the interest of space 다운로드.

In the non-boxer area, my thought would be Nat Fleisher and the late Bert Sugar, whose names will always be part of the journalistic presence and positive influences on our sport 스피릿위시 다운로드.

There are others who won’t be remembered for their skills in the ring, but on the apron, Eddie Futch and Angelo Dundee to name just a few 다운로드.

I left out the promoters and their publicists mainly because they can and often are listed as both positive and negative influences. I have my opinions, but mine are as good (or bad) as anyone else 다운로드.

I will add a few people like the late boxing writer Jack Welsh, a personal friend for many, many years. Jin Carlin, who is always on the sidelines, always more than willing to lend a hand.

And let’s not forget those who spend their time and money getting the stories out on the web. They also promote the fights and fighters.***

One final note, while I am not a fan of MMA , probably because I’m an old boxing guy and don’t accept change very well. I will give full credit to MMA for being not only a money maker, but since it’s rapid rise in popularity, more and more gyms are opening and the kids are getting off the streets again. It’s also a positive influence on boxing for just that reason.

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In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer


First I’d like to wish a speedy and full recovery to Oscar de la Hoya and Mia St 윈도우7 iso 이미지 다운로드. John who are both undergoing rehab treatment.***


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is planning a return to the ring in September against quick, but somewhat feint-hearted Victor Ortiz 다운로드. It’s a good tune-up for a match with Manny Pacquiao later in the year, or perhaps he’s looking for another easy day at the office. In any event, this fight shouldn’t prove too difficult for Mayweather.***


Now, another thought that has crossed my little-used brain (in recent times) fifa online 3. How about a real reality show for our over-the hill fighters who refuse to realize when the game is done?


Here’s what I propose 다운로드. A box-off tournament where the losers has to retire and only one of the fighters involved can remain active (or what passes in today’s boxing for ‘active’ 다운로드.


For example Roy Jones Jr. fights Evander Holyfield with the loser retiring and the winner going on to fight the winner of Bernard Hopkins vs 스냅샵 다운로드. Oliver McCall. It need not be confined to just four over-the hill pugilists. You can throw in your own names wherever you like.


While I hate reality shows, this is one concept I would gladly support 다운로드. Because getting rid of some one-time great fighters who are now little more than just an embarrassment to our sport has to be a good thing, for both the fans and the fighters 추억 의 오락실 게임 다운로드.


For the record, I think Hopkins easily continues to fight on.

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