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Mayweather – Ortiz

By Tom Donelson

Member of Boxing Writers Assc 최신 코덱 다운로드. & International Boxing Research Org. )

This fight was a measure of how great Floyd Mayweather still was and Victor Ortiz’s job was to test the mantle of Mayweather’s invincibility.  The buzz from many pundits that Ortiz had a chance and much was questioned about Mayweather’s age and 16 months vacation from the ring.  The universal consensus was that Mayweather would win but Ortiz may have been his toughest competitor in a while.  CNNSI.com Chris Mannix summed up conventional wisdom, “Now, the fight: I’m picking Mayweather, by unanimous decision 다운로드. Ortiz is good. When you factor in his age (24) and size, he is probably the best opponent Mayweather has faced since Oscar De La Hoya. But — and this is a big but — Floyd is just in a different class 코믹 메이플스토리 다운로드. Yes, he’s older and you can’t point to many welterweights who are still in their primes when they hit 34. But his conditioning, his otherworldly skill level and the lack of wear and tear on his body make him unique…Ortiz’s only shot is to knock him out Netbus download. That won’t be easy; just hitting Mayweather hasn’t been easy. But if Ortiz can work the body early, can make it an even fight over the first four rounds and make Mayweather think he needs a knockout, he has a chance.”

Mayweather started the fight with a jab and he dodged Ortiz punches before landing a couple of body shots followed by flurry of quick hands before Ortiz backed him back.  Thus the main event of the $60 PPV began.  Mayweather’s quickness showed up immediately but Ortiz managed in the second round to land a solid right hook along with body shots before Mayweather countered with a right 다운로드. In what was another good round, Ortiz did not back down and may have even taken the round.

This was Ortiz high water mark as Mayweather backed Ortiz in the third round with his quick hands.  Ortiz was less effective when forced to back up and Mayweather skills started to show up.  Within the opening seconds of the fourth round, Mayweather landed thundering combinations and Ortiz looked befuddle like” what do I do now?”  Ortiz went back to his battering style and even landed a couple of punches while Mayweather smugly signaled, “I am not hurt, I am not hurt.” Continue reading Mayweather – Ortiz

In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

Glad to see that the baseball writers have shown some balls and said no to the admission of performance enhancement drug users into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown 다운로드.

The clowns involved have already robbed enough money from the team owners that paid them as well as the fans who perhaps thought the ‘stars’ performances were on the up and up 다운로드.

Now I can only wish the writers in other sports, especially boxing, to show the same courage.***

Nothing new on the Pacquiao – Mayweather front 성경듣기 다운로드. If they meet up in the ring it will because Mayweather has to, sooner or later, stop running away from the only real money-match around.

The “Ring”, or one of their writers think it’s okay for Evander to keep on fighting 다운로드. Allow me to agree, as long as the fans fully realize that they are getting ripped off if they are paying to see a ‘fight’.

I hope no one takes this the wrong way, after all, the “Ring” is considered the ‘Bible of Boxing’ 서브노티카 빌로우 제로 다운로드. Who am I to take issue with the ‘Bible.’ No, I’m not a heretic, but I have to challenge the writer of this articles point of view.

The Real Deal is not even a shell of what he once was, and every time Holyfield steps into the ring, he’s risking injury or worse, and if that were to happen it will be another black mark on our sport.***
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