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Golden State Boxers’ Association Awards Banquet

2011 Inductees Honored at Holiday Gala

By Michele Chong – GUEST POST – for dmboxing.com

Several boxing champs, contenders and members of the Golden State Boxers’ Association (GSBA) were honored at this year’s awards ceremony and holiday banquet taking place at the Steven’s Steakhouse in Commerce 메탈슬러그 시리즈.

This boxing group is built through a network of past and current fighters, trainers cornermen, judges, referees and others working in the fight game 다운로드. Meeting every Tuesday in Hollywood, the GSBA provides a “one-stop shop” for boxing aficionados to get together in sharing their love of the sport 다운로드. President Larry Montalvo and Vice President Bill Dempsey Young and their dedicated wives have bridged the gap in bringing everyone together through their love of boxing 울펜슈타인 3d 다운로드. And each person in the hall has a strong tie to the sweet science. Dining on steak, shrimp and chicken, those in the sold-out crowd listened to heartfelt tributes to this year’s honorees 다운로드. One of the most touching moments was when I watched British lightweight Allen Syers’ family accept a posthumous award. Elise Syers, wife of Allen, his son Philip and their family accepted the “Don Fraser Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award” bestowed upon Allen, who passed away on December 5 다운로드. Syers was a longtime member of the group and his passing leaves a void.

Boxing builds unbreakable bonds and many in the room reconnected after first meeting decades ago 워 썬더 다운로드. Burbank’s Rick Farris and Frankie Santillan share a history of boxing in their youth, turning pro at the same time–and even forging a friendship after fighting each other 보이스3 7회. Friendships like these, in and out of the ring, are what makes this organization special. Everyone is treated with respect, no matter how many victories or defeats are logged on their ledgers 다운로드. Continue reading Golden State Boxers’ Association Awards Banquet

Golden State Boxers Association Lunch


A great event is on tap for Saturday, December 10, 2010 as the Golden State Boxer’s Association will have their annual holiday “awards” luncheon Ksl download. For complete information regarding this event, please contact GSBA President Larry Montalvo (323) 268-6830 or by email address: larryboxer37@sbcglobal.net