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July 15, 2011, was the four year anniversary of this website 코렐드로우 x5 다운로드. As a special offer to my loyal fan base, I offered my official BLUE t-shirt & hat at the low price of $20.00 for both products, with free shipping to anywhere in USA, in a 30 day time frame 김태우 사랑비.

To continue to offer the lowest product prices that I possibly can, the BLUE t-shirt will remain at the discount price of $10.00 each with free shipping still effective 야후 동영상 다운로드.

This is my way of thanking you for your continued support and making this website one of your choices in boxing.
To order, send check or money order (NO cash) and include your size, to:

David Martinez Boxing
Post Office Box 41536
Santa Barbara, CA 93140

NOTE: by popular request & available in two weeks for purchase … tank tops will be added to my product line 꽃보다청춘 아이슬란드!



By David Martinez / Boxing HistorianFour years ago, July 15, 2007, I brought you this website in living color 인터넷 라디오 다운로드. The initial brain storming of this website I owe to John Boitnott, who approached me in early 2007 and simply told me, “Why not,” that I have all the ingredients to bring the world my love and passion of boxing 달력 위젯 다운로드. He also said that he would be honored to help me by being my producer. So, a dream became a reality and  dmboxing.com  was born.

In these past four years I have attained much respect from a growing fan base by giving you boxing as I live it every day of my life yum 의존성. In addition, a unique and select group of people have bonded and given me their expertise, and they have certainly enhanced this website in what it has become today and will be in future 대용량 이미지 파일 다운로드.
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런던하츠 다운로드

The two website t-shirts that I offer, are the current blue color and the “original” white which is now a rare collectors item because of it’s limited supply in stock and is only available in one size – extra large (XL) 스케치업 2017 버전 다운로드.

The white color product is this attractive cotton (Haines) long sleeve with “official” website logo on front and is at a low discount price of $15.00 each and I will include FREE shipping to any where in the USA – as just my way to say thank you for your continuing support to this website 아이언맨 3 다운로드.

To purchase, send a check or money order (NO cash) to:
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