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Klitschko & Gamboa win!

 By Tom Donnelson

( Member Boxing Writers Assc 다운로드. & International Boxing Research Org. )


(Wroclaw, Poland)  The Heavyweight division is the Klitschko’s brothers personal fiefdom and everyone must pay tribute by taking a licking.  Since 2004, no one has even come close to beating the Klitschko’s brothers and this past Saturday fight between Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek was no exception. Adamek, the former Cruiserweight and light heavyweight champion, proved game but no match for he was too small and did not possess enough of powerful punch to make a difference.  The other problem for Adamek, was that at the age of 40, Vitali Klitschko still possesses sharp reflex to parry of any attacks. Klitschko is one of those tall fighters who fights like a tall fighter; using his jab effectively to control real estate.  Throughout the bout, Adamek had problems with getting inside Klitschko’s jab and Klitschko averaged 40 plus jabs per round with those jabs successful blunting any attack that Adamek attempted.  Unlike David Haye, who spent most of his bout against Wladimir avoiding combat, Adamek attempted to fight 다운로드.

One example of Adamek spirit and technical skills came in the fifth round in which a more aggressive approach allowed him to connect with a combination that even shook Vitali for a brief moment but those combinations were few and far between.  From the middle of the second round through the sixth, occasional rallies by Adamek gave the Polish faithful that a miracle would yet happen for their favorite son; but those moments were mere illusion in which a brave fighter managed to come up with the occasional connect but paying the price.   Adamek face at the end of the fight showed the results as all but three punches that Vitali connected hit Adamek’s face 세장의 부적 다운로드.

At the end of the second round, a Vitali right connected and sent Adamek reeling back in the rope, with the rope keeping Adamek from hitting the canvas.  The referee did not count the punch as a knockdown even thought he could.  The next time, Vitali sent Adamek reeling into the rope with another right but this time, the referee counted this as a knockdown, rightly concluding correctly that the rope held Adamek up 동요 mp3 다운로드. Continue reading Klitschko & Gamboa win 다운로드!

In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

A couple of fights of limited interest on the calendar for this weekend, so I figured I’d take advantage of all the excitement 다운로드. And believe me, for the caliber of fights and fighters out there, this may be excitement.

On October 15, in Montreal, we have an IBF super middleweight title contest between unbeaten home-town favorite Lucien Bute and challenger Jesse Brinkley 삼성 사진 다운로드.

It’s an interesting match, and should provide some excitement. Brinkley is a young man from my neck of the woods, Northern Nevada. He sports a record of 35-5 스타 빨무 맵 다운로드.

Bute, 26-0 (21) is a fast southpaw who’s major fight to date shows a win over a tough Edison Miranda.

Neither fighter seems to have one-punch knockout power, but show they can certainly wear their opponents down 다운로드.

Bute stands 6’2” while Brinkley is 5’`10”. The reach advantage also goes to Bute.

This should be a pretty exciting fight, and I give the edge to Bute, for two reasons, his height advantage, and the fact that he’s a southpaw 다운로드.

The other fight of note takes place in Hamburg, Germany the next day for the WBC heavyweight crown between 39 year old champion Vitali Klitschko and 38 year old challenger Shannon Briggs 영화 크리스마스 캐롤 다운로드.

It’s not a fight I would pay to watch. Frankly I don’t know if there would be any contest between the heavys that I’d spend my money on.
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FIGHT CALENDAR for October 2010

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FRIDAY – October 1, 2010 (SHOWTIME)
from: Santa Ynez, California

Tim Coleman vs 다운로드. Patrick Lopez (Junior Welterweights)
Archie Ray Marquez vs. Juan Santiago (Lightweights)

FRIDAY – October 1, 2010 (Telefutura)
from: Corrientes, Argentina

Jorge Barrios vs 코난 영화 다운로드. Humberto Martinez (Lightweights)
Hector Saldivia vs. Weison Alves de Oliveira (Welterweights)

SATURDAY – October 2, 2010
from: Panama City, Panama

Luis Concepcion vs 다운로드. Denkaosan Kaowichit (WBA “interim” Flyweight Championship)
Guillermo Jones vs. Valery Brudov (WBA Cruiserweight Championship)

SATURDAY – October 2, 2010
from: Guadalajara, Mexico

Juan Jose Montes vs 다운로드. Sylvester Lopez (WBC Junior Bantamweight Championship)

THURSDAY – October 7, 2010
from: Pensacola, Florida

Roy Jones, Jr vs 에버노트 맥용 다운로드. Danny Santiago (Cruiserweights)
Ismayl Sillakh vs. Daniel Sackey (Light Heavyweights)
Derrick Gainer vs. Walter Estrada (Lightweights)
James McGirt, Jr vs 다운로드. George Armenta (Super Middleweights)
Fres Oquendo vs. Gabe Brown (Heavyweights) Continue reading FIGHT CALENDAR for October 2010