The Best Fighters Without a Heavyweight Title – by Decade


The following article is a Guest Post from Darin Dobson who I met on Facebook.  I enjoy his boxing input; here he offers his opinion which I am delighted to post and share 다운로드. Thank You Darin.   

Here are the best boxers in each era/decade who did not win the heavyweight championship of the world ( major version )
Bareknuckle – Samuel Elias
1900’s – Joe Choynski
1910’s – Sam Langford
1920’s – Young Stribling
1930’s – Tommy Farr
1940’s – Arturo Godoy
1950’s – Roland LaStarza
1960’s – Jerry Quarry
1970’s – Ron Lyle
1980’s – James Tillis
1990’s – Donovan Ruddock
2000’s – David Tua

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2 thoughts on “The Best Fighters Without a Heavyweight Title – by Decade

  1. Great stuff as always Darin. My biggest disagreement is Tillis in the 80’s. I will go with Cooney there.

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