The Greatest Light Heavyweights of All Time

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

Over many years I have rated fighters using many different criteria 나팔바지. Boxers from a specific country, and boxers in different weight divisions, have been the main categories for my rankings.

The light heavyweight division was founded in 1903 when Jack Root’s manager, Lou Housman, conceived the idea that a weight class should be established between middleweight and heavyweight 다운로드. On April 22, 1903, Root defeated Kid McCoy to win that new title.

From its first champion, Jack Root, to the present day champions that include – Dmitry Bivol (WBA), Artur Beterbiev (WBC/IBF), and Jean Pascal (WBA Regular), with the WBO currently vacant – this division has certainly been an array of great champions during the past 117 years 다운로드.

My rating of boxers is based on the height, peak, prime, pinnacle of their careers. Who-beats-whom at different stages of their careers isn’t a factor in my “pound for pound” formula 다운로드.

There are many situations where one fighter loses to another, and I actually rate the losing fighter with the greater “pound for pound” ranking at different time frames of each in their careers 다운로드.

A few examples would be these fighters who lost twice to their opponents; they are: Tunney beating Dempsey, Saddler beating Pep, Jeffries beating Fitzsimmons, Holyfield beating Tyson, Pryor beating Arguello, Herrera beating Olivares, Barkley beating Hearns, De La Hoya beating Chavez, Bowe beating Holyfield, Harada beating Jofre, and so on!

Here are my dozen (12) best in the 175 pound weight class of boxing. Listed are their active years and ring records. Please note that there are other great fighters who can truly fit into this light heavyweight category, but I have placed them in another weight division. Four are in my heavyweight division ranking list – Sam Langford at #6, Gene Tunney at #7, Ezzard Charles at #9, Bob Fitzsimmons at #10 … and, I have Roy Jones Jr. at #1 at super middleweight, with Harry Greb #1 at Middleweight.

1) Archie Moore / 1935-1963 / 186-23-10 (132 by KO / 1 no-contest)

2) Tommy Loughran / 1919-1937 / 94-23-9 (17 by KO)

3) Philadelphia Jack O’Brien / 1896-1912 / 92-6-13 (55 by KO)

4) Bob Foster / 1961- 1978 / 56-8-1 (46 by K0)

5) Michael Spinks / 1977-1988 / 31-1 (21 by KO / 1 no-decision)

6) Billy Conn / 1934-1948 / 64-11-1 (15 by KO)

7) Jimmy Bivins / 1940-1955 / 86-25-1 / (31 by KO)

8) Tommy Gibbons / 1911-1925 / 56-4-1 (48 by KO)

9) Harold Johnson / 1946-1971 / 76-11 (31 by KO)

10) Kid McCoy / 1891-1912 / 73-6-9 / 3 no-decision)

11) John Henry Lewis / 1929-1939 / 100-11-5 (56 by KO)

12) Jack Delaney / 1919-1932 / 73-11-2 (43 by KO)

Honorable Mention: Maxie Rosenbloom, Jack Dillon, Michael Moorer, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Paul Berlenbach, Jack Root.

My rankings in boxing are the perfect recipe for debates. I have never intended to try to convert others or change their opinions. As I respect others views, they will hopefully respect mine – thank you!

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