Thoughts on HBO and Showtime fights!

By Tom Donelson

( Member of Boxing Writers Association )

Paul Williams came off a two round knock out lost suffered at the hand of Sergio Martinez against Cuban fighter Erislandy Lara in a comeback fight.  For Williams, there would be no change in style against a fighter similar in style to Martinez.  As for Lara, the sixteen fight career did not fully show his boxing experience since he had fought 300 plus amateur fights 원더 한글자막 다운로드.

The record will show a majority decision victory for Paul Williams but the reality was that Erislandy won the fight in the ring whereas Williams won it on scorecard.  In the first three rounds Erislandy score with his left easily as Williams seem to be continuously to be caught with the same punch over and over throughout the fight 다운로드.

In the fourth and fifth round, it looked like Lara was tiring as Williams pressured the Cuban fighter.  Even in the sixth round, Lara mouth was open as Williams continued the pressure but Lara returned to what worked in the opening rounds as he hit Williams with those devastating left 다운로드.

Lara got a second wind in the seventh round as he moved consistently in position to hit Williams with his left.  This continued throughout the next four rounds, the same thing continued to happen as Lara maneuvered himself beautifully allowing him to step away and fired away with those left but even his jab was more effective than Williams.  Williams was told by his corner that he needed a knockout and in the twelfth, he went for that knockout and while he threw ton of punches, he failed to stop Lara 다운로드. Unknown to him and his corner, he had the judges on his side.

Williams and his corner used the same strategy that cost him the Martinez fight and his three losses were to southpaw.  While the HBO staff made the case that maybe we have seen the best of Williams, it could easily be style that conflicts with his own 다운로드. Williams does not use his heights and fights like he is 5’9” instead of 6’2”.  Against southpaws, he is vulnerable to straight lefts over his right that he holds low.  Williams doesn’t have to fight since he has kept his money, invested wisely and lives simply.  On this night he looked like a shot fighter who survived a bad decision but it could simply be a case of wrong style.  As for his goal of fighting Sergio Martinez, there was nothing tonight to show that he could beat the Argentina champion in a rubber match html 서버 파일.

Harold Lederman made the case that in big fights; bring in the best officials instead of the inexperienced group that judge this fight 아모르 파티 다운로드. A good fight and good performance by Erislandy Lara was ruined by bad judging.  This was a case of the fighter who threw the most punches won instead of the fighter who not only connected on more punches but threw the more impact punches.

In the first bout, Akifuni Shimoda defended his WBA junior featherweight championship and in the first six rounds, he looked like he was on his way.  His opponent, Rico Ramos, never seem to get off and Shimoda not only got off first but he scored effective body shots and his jab kept Ramos off balance.  Ramos best shot was his straight right but he was getting out hustled.

Roy Jones is one of boxing best observers and while others were declaring Shimoda the champion, he saw something in the beginning of the seventh round. HBO Harold Lederman observed that Ramos looked inexperienced and out of his depth, but Jones noticed that a Ramos right at the beginning of the seventh round slowed Shimoda.  In a fight that Shimoda was winning easily, Ramos connected on a second right followed by a yet another right. Shimoda tried to block the right before he got nailed with a left hook that had him sprawled on the ground. Ramos won the fight with a knockout.


Showtime featured two big bangers at the lightweight division as Brandon Rios defended his title against Urbana Antillon.  In the first round, both fighters dispense with feeling out process as they wailed at each other as they ripped punches at each other.  Both fighters nailed each other with left hooks to the body and Rios added uppercuts but Antillon managed to connect with solid rights and left hooks. This continued in the second round as Rios started fast with upper cuts as his main weapons but Antillon stunned Rios with a right at the bell.

Rios nailed Antillon with a right hand sent Antillon down in the opening minute of the third round.  Antillon showed that he was no boxer so he fought back but Rios dig in some vicious shots to body in an attempt to end the fight but Antillon managed to hang on the ropes.  With thirty seconds left, a Rios right sent Antillon down a second time.  Antillon managed to get up and tried to move but his movement resembled more of a stagger and the referee stopped the fight.

In a fight that resembled the old days saw two brawlers who used good techniques. They didn’t just wailed at each other but connected on crisp punches.  Left hooks were picture left hooks and upper cuts were text books upper cuts.  Rios won simply because he was just a little bit more powerful.

A few months ago, Carlos Molina managed to garner a draw with Erislandy Lara in a fight that he could have easily won.  This evening, he was the designated opponent for Kermit Cintron, who was making a comeback after a fourteen months layoff and a weird defeat at the hands of Paul Williams.

Throughout the fight, Molina simply out boxed Cintron. Cintron missed on his right and most of the night, he threw one punch at a time while Molina threw sharp combinations.  His left jabs set up rights and left hooks to the body. Molina is not a big puncher but he is solid boxer who can throw punches with good techniques.  This was great victory for Molina, who just a few months ago was viewed as an opponent. With a draw against Lara, who was robbed of a victory against Williams and Cintron, Molina showed that he is at least a top ten junior Middleweights.

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