Thurman Wins Split Decision Over Garcia to Unify WBC / WBA Welterweight Titles

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America 드래곤볼 제노버스 다운로드. Our mutual friend Rusty Rubin (R.I.P.) was instrumental in connecting Tom to contribute his expertise to in 2008 – he is truly respected and appreciated by all 다운로드.

Thurman and Garcia participate in the first big fight of the year as they unified portion of the welterweight title.   Thurman came out aggressively in the first round and may have stunned Garcia with a left hook and a right hand with a minute left and Thurman added an upper cut. 

 Al Bernstein noted that Thurman started some of his rallies with left hook and this could be a mistake against Garcia, who has a good left hook.   Garcia landed two rights but Thurman ended the round with two big rights in a close round that could have gone either way 다운로드.
Thurman started with two solid rights behind jabs to open the third round, jabs not used in the first two round and Garcia did countered with left hook and body shots. Thurman punches were wider and this gave Garcia opportunity to counter as Thurman took risks with punches like the lead right and even a lead upper cut. 
Thurman alternated in the fourth round with boxing skills with attacking style while landing combinations and continued this into the fifth round.  Garcia became the aggressor but by Thurman’s design as he moved to strictly boxer whereas Garcia chase.
Garcia moved forward and landed some combinations in the sixth. The seventh was close and Garcia showed his own defensive skills as he avoided many of Thurman haymakers.  Throughout the eighth and ninth round, Thurman did just enough to win the rounds on my scorecard as he moved around the ring as Garcia chased him but not effectively cutting off the ring.  
The tenth and eleventh round were close round as Garcia started to cut off the ring and score. He got the better of those rounds simply due to more activity. In the final round, Thurman nailed with Garcia with combinations over the first half of the round while Garcia continued to chase, leaving it in the hands of the judges.  I had the fight 115-113 for Thurman but there were several rounds close.
Compubox had Thurman connecting on and throwing more punches, but Garcia slightly more accurate.  The judges had this fight as a split decision with the deciding the judges had it like I did 115-113.  (Farhood had it 116-112, Thurman.)
What may this fight intriguing is that both fighters changed their own strategies and adopted to what the other fighter did.  Over the first half of the fight, Thurman attacked and Garcia countered but over the second half of the fight, it was Thurman boxing; forcing Garcia to apply the pressure.
Garcia unleashed some vicious body shots but this did little to slow down Thurman and when Thurman tested Garcia’s chin, he found it to be granite. Both fighters took the other fighter best. 
Thurman’s camp did gamble over the last three rounds they had the fight in hand and told their man to box.  Did the Thurman’s camp not want to take a chance on Garcia catching their fighter in a exchange with his left hook or truly felt the scorecard was that lopsided?  Garcia won the tenth and eleventh on my score card simply because he was the busier fighter and Thurman may have given those rounds away. 
There were rounds that I rewarded to Thurman that were close and considering that Barclay Center was Garcia home turf due to the influx of fellow Puerto Rican fighters, this could have cost Thurman the fight.  The split decision reflected the division of the judges on the fight.  While I had Thurman winning and Showtime Steve Farhood stated that Thurman did enough to win, it is sometimes foolish for a corner to assume the judges are seeing the fight the same way. 
Thurman won the bout but using his boxing skills and his power proved decisive over the first four rounds but Garcia showed not just heart but guile as he turned this bout into a close bout when Thurman could have easily won this by wider margin. 


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  1. This turned out to be a good fight that had the feel of what should have been a great fight for the reasons noted. I had 1 Time up 8 to 4, but it would have been great 2 see a back and forth firefight erupt.

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