WBA, WBC Reach Agreement to Use Same Names for All Divisions








By David Martinez / dmboxing.com

This week, the WBA and WBC have agreed to use the same names for all of the seventeen weight divisions in boxing 원랜디 5.1 다운로드.

This will eliminate the word “junior” which will be replaced with the word “super” in those weights.  Also, the term “Strawweight” will be eliminated for the 105 lbs 내셔널지오그래픽. category which will now be referred to as “Minimumweight” by both groups.

By uniting, this will clear up confusion with media, fans, and the sanctioning/governing bodies 다운로드. The IBF and WBO are still pending with their confirmation at this moment, but are expected to follow suit soon.

Here are the weight divisions and weights:

Minimumweight – 105 lbs.

Light Flyweight – 108 lbs.

Flyweight – 112 lbs.

Super Flyweight – 115 lbs.

Bantamweight – 118 lbs.

Super Bantamweight – 122 lbs.

Featherweight – 126 lbs.

Super Featherweight – 130 lbs.

Lightweight – 135 lbs.

Super Lightweight – 140 lbs.

Welterweight – 147 lbs.

Super Welterweight – 154 lbs.

Middleweight – 160 lbs.

Super Middleweight – 168 lbs.

Light Heavyweight – 175 lbs.

Cruiserweight – 200 lbs.

Heavyweight – 200 +

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