Since first introducing my official “dmboxing” t-shirt in December 2007, and since the actual birth of my website in July 2007, I would sincerely like to take this opportunity to thank my ever so growing fan base that has supported this website 다운로드.

As you have seen on a monthly basis, I have had different girls that have displayed my t-shirt, and just this past month I have introduced my new official “dmboxing” hat 백세 인생.

My t-shirt and hat girls are not professional models – this is a common question that is often asked to me. These girls are personal friends of mine iOS9.3.3 Beta 4. What really makes them all so unique is – they are all beautiful and in asking them to pose wearing either t-shirt or hat they all said the same thing – which is, that they would be honored to represent my website and do this for me. This speaks volumes about these classy young women and I truly appreciate their loyalty, with their friendship being my main priority.

The New Year 2009 is here and if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt – the cost is $15.00 each, or two for $25.00, with shipping FREE to any where in USA … so just simply send check or money order only (NO cash) with size requested and your return address to:

David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Post Office Box 41536
Santa Barbara, CA 93140

With a huge sale of t-shirts – I regret that the only sizes available at this time are: Large (L) and extra Large (XL) … this product is a attractive white (Haines) long sleeve polo type t-shirt with website logo on front.